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Custom Love Socks For Your Special Someone

Fall In Love With Our Custom Love Socks!

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift or just something to show your appreciation for the one you love our custom Love socks are the perfect gift that won’t break the bank! Give BAE something personal that was customized by you and means just a little more than flowers or chocolate. We guarantee you’ll be met with a big smile when these personalized socks are unwrapped by boo.  

photo of custom love socks

We have had some amazing love stories told through our socks. Our custom love socks have been a part of 2 proposals, 4 promposals, and 100s of custom Valentine’s Day and birthday gifts. When you order yours be sure to share your story with us on social media! Don’t forget to tag us too. (:

To better execute the love socks theme, we recently upgraded our designs with additional themes like, Be Mine Socks, Galentine’s Day Socks, My Boo Socks (this includes a super cute ghost with heart eyes… can we BE anymore adorable?) Kiss Socks, I Heart Mom Socks, #1 Girlfriend Socks, and #1 Boyfriend Socks.

There are so many options to choose from and so many combinations to try out. Which do you think you’ll choose?

pink love socks with a face

Just like Taylor Swift’s new song, Lover, we want you to give a gift that will last forever and ever. Add your girlfriend’s face, boyfriend’s face, dog’s face, any face really to a pair of our custom love socks. 

Not only are these personalized socks a great gift, but they give back too. For each pair you purchase, Sock Club donates a pair to one of our partner charities. 

With our custom printed socks you can also rest easy knowing that our custom face socks are high quality, stylish, and made right here in the USA.

Design your own custom Love Socks for your LOVER today! 

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The Greatest Holiday Socks!

Say Hello To Our Holiday Socks

Tired of giving the same boring gifts? Well, we have something in store for you. We made a new and fun Christmas gift with our custom Holiday socks! Say goodbye to the same old presents and say hello to this year’s coolest gift.

 There are 100s of combinations to try out until you find the perfect blend of style and creativity. Your new personalized socks are guaranteed to be completely unique as they were designed completely by you.

They are so easy to make too! All you have to do is upload a photo of your favorite person or pet for the animal lovers, pick their favorite color, and we will do the rest.

BAM! Custom Holiday socks for that special someone in your life.

photo of our custom holiday socks

 We are so excited about the Holidays here at Sock Club. We love celebrating the season and wanted to share that feeling with our customers. Aside from our already awesome selection of design elements for your custom face socks, we now offer an array of backgrounds and icons just for the Holidays. There’s also options to add Santa hats and reindeer antlers on your face or pet. Try it out! 

candy cane holiday socks

The most wonderful time of the year deserves the greatest gift of them all so celebrate with a pair of our awesome Holiday socks! A little something that keeps your toes warm and your hearts full. Be sure to share this unique gift with your family and friends too. Sharing is caring after all. (:

If you’re looking for a bulk Holiday order for a brand or company, we can do that too!! Holiday socks are the perfect gifts to give out to your employees or clients, so just shoot us an email at and we’ll get your Holiday swag ready before Santa arrives! 


Blog Face Socks

Sock Club Donations

Sock Club donations are something we hold very dear to our hearts. We donate one pair of socks for each pair you purchase to those who are most in need. Our team has partnered with awesome organizations who assess immediate needs, based on both disaster relief efforts and deficits in supplies. 

Why are socks a good donation for some organizations? Socks are an item that can offer people warmth, comfort, and protection in difficult times. They are actually the #1 item requested at homeless shelters every year. We are honored to have the chance to contribute to such a noble cause. Read on to learn more about our amazing partnership with Delivering Good.

photo of sock club donations

Sock Club donations will be helping Delivering Good to achieve their annual goal of raising 1 Million Pairs of Socks to help children and families in need. This also includes those affected by the California wildfires and people affected by the destruction caused by hurricanes in the Caribbean last year.

“We have been supporting small, local organizations around the country for years, but we were looking to make more of an impact,” said Noah Lee, co-founder of Sock Club. “We know how to make the highest-quality, coolest socks, but we don’t know how to identify where they will do the most good. For that, we needed to bring in the experts. This new sock donation partnership with Delivering Good will do just that.” 

delivering good

How Can You Help Sock Club Donations

It’s really easy to help contribute to the 1 Million Pairs of Socks cause. All you have to do is purchase a pair of our socks and we will give one away. Whether you’re interested in our custom face socks or would like to purchase a pair from our store, anything helps! 

We’d also like to take this time to thank all of the organizations who help and aid families in need. What you do is truly remarkable! 



Blog Face Socks

The Best Custom Face Socks of 2021

For those of you who aren’t aware of our origins, Sock Club started out as a sock subscription company. Before making the best custom face socks around, we worked with companies to create a branding experience like no other.

Creating custom made socks for clients is one of our favorite things to do and we are thrilled to be adding custom face socks to our product line.

Our decision to start designing socks with faces on them began after we saw custom face socks and dog socks pop up everywhere. We ordered from a few other companies, looked at each other, and said “We can do better than this.”


Today, our custom face socks are different than anything on the market. Our production time is super fast with a quick turnaround of 2 to 3 days. Talk about speedy service!

The Sock Club team also prides ourselves on quality, so the material we use is soft, yet durable. We put a lot of care and effort into each order to make sure we get your personalized socks right!


photo of our CEO with custom made face socks


Our production is 100% made in the USA and we have visited the mill where our socks are knitted and printed to ensure quality. We are also in close contact with everyone who works on your order to make sure you are satisfied with the custom printed socks.

Our company offers the best personalized socks, hands down. We take pride in our product and treat every customer with care and respect.


Sock - Custom Face Socks

Our order process allows you to truly make a unique pair of socks. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide on how to design your own socks.

Creating Custom Face Socks

  • Begin by choosing your background color.
  • Follow with choosing your favorite icons and accessories from the options we provide.
  • Upload up to 3 photos (no need to crop them, we do that part for you!)
  • Select your size from the sizing chart.
  • Then sit back and marvel at your creation because you are done!

You now have a pair of custom face socks that are delivered to your door in 2 to 3 days. Start your custom face socks order and prepare yourself to fall in love! 😉

Blog Face Socks

The Story Behind Our #1 Custom Dog Socks

At Sock Club, we have a lot of loyal office dogs, so we thought our custom dog socks would be the perfect way to show them off. Our team decided to have a friendly competition to see who could create the cutest custom dog socks! 

Each employee submitted their favorite pet photo and we created personalized socks with their pet’s adorable little face. Each owner wore their socks to work one day and we had a vote for the best pair. 

It was a tough decision as there were so many cool custom made socks, but after we tallied up the votes we selected the winning pair. Scroll down to meet our winner!

our office dog posing with our custom dog socks

His name is Henry and he is almost 1 year old. Henry is a super sweet Golden Doodle and he LOVES socks. No, really – he is obsessed. We love having smiling dog faces in the office and it really builds a happy company culture and positive work environment. Thanks, Henry, for making Sock Club a better place every day!


We love getting the chance to make awesome socks with your pet’s faces on them! Each time we get in an order of pet socks we smile looking at the dog and cat photos that you submit. Every pair is so special and unique, which is why we work hard to provide you with the best custom made socks.

photo of our custom cat socks

Designing Your Custom Dog Socks

It is so easy to design your own custom Dog Socks or Cat Socks. All you have to do is choose a pattern, select accessories and icons, upload a photo, and you are done! 

Even if you have a different pet like a hedgehog or a pig, we can put that on our custom printed socks too! Just head over to our custom face socks design lab and follow the same process mentioned above.

Sock - Women's Sock

 If you know someone who is completely obsessed with their animal, order a pair of socks for them. We make sure to treat every order as we would our own. They’ll love them!  🙂

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The Best Custom Logo Socks – No Order Minimum

The Sock Club team has been making custom branded socks for over 5 years now and our Sock Club custom socks are known for their high quality and awesome designs. We wanted to make ordering customizable socks easy for our customers so we launched our brand new Design Lab! This new portal allows us to now offer clients custom made socks with no minimum order!

With 360 printing technology, we are able to print designs and logos on socks without compromising quality or design. Check out the custom logo socks we created for Adobe below.

custom logo socks for adobe


Sock Club Custom Logo Socks 

We have made custom logo socks for companies big and small with order sizes between 1 to 1,000. Each order is important because we know that custom made socks are an investment for your brand. 

Our custom logo socks are the perfect promotional tool for companies looking for upscale swag. You can use custom socks as a customer loyalty gift or gifts for the people in your office. The possibilities are endless! 

The goal at Sock Club is to make your ordering process super easy. We offer different color backgrounds and the ability to upload your logo. We do the design work for you and take your special notes and requests very seriously. 

Custom logo socks are the BEST wearable because our size Medium fits 90% of people. You don’t have to hassle with collecting t-shirt sizes anymore, what a relief! Also, no more wasteful products that get thrown away instantly. Socks will stay in your client’s drawers and they will immediately think of you after catching a glimpse of your logo. 

photo of Sock Club logo socks

Our socks are high-quality, extremely comfortable, and the coolest way to use promotional products to highlight your brand! Get ahead of your competition and order your custom logo socks today. Let’s get to promoting! 🙂

Face Socks

We’re launching our face socks: Design Lab! ??

At Sock Club we get some awesome and wild requests for sock designs. We have beautiful city skylines, food, instruments, plants, you name it! A lot of times we have people ask if we can make socks with their dog or loved one’s face on them. For a long time this was something that we were unable to accommodate, but the more we thought about it – we realized that we can figure out how to do that!

Our team set out on a mission to learn more about these socks with faces on them. Who else is selling these? Why do people want them? What are the challenges in making them? We quickly realized that this product is FUN! People love them because it is a personal and unique gift. We realized that we have to start offering face socks to our customers.

After a lot of hard work and testing, we have come up with a product that we love. We’ve started offering custom face socks with an order minimum of 1 pair. We have themes like Dogs, # 1 Dad, #1 Mom, Love, Cats, and more. We also offer the ability to start from scratch and customize the socks yourself, making them extra special!

Our first sale was actually to a wonderful woman named Lynn who wanted to give a gift to her cruise ship captain. He loves wacky socks and she thought there was no better gift than a unique pair specific to him! She ordered a pair of socks with his face on them – and had them shipped to him in the Czech Republic. What a fun way to say hello, thank you, or have a great day!

We cannot wait to be a part of more personal and fun stories like Lynn and her cruise ship captain! We are so excited about a tangible, happy gift that lives on with every wear. Order a pair of Face Socks HERE!