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Team Pay is an innovative solution for companies searching for financial transparency to provide for their teams. Through empowering success, they have been able to automate the way “you” effectively do business to focus on your primary concern – growing your company! Leah from Team Labs was on the hunt for a product that could be the solution for their company swag: something creative, sleek, high-quality, and a simple gesture.

When Leah stumbled upon Sock Club, she knew this was not just another typical, boring custom product or service that she had encountered. “There is a lot of sh*tty swag out there,” said Leah, “and Sock Club sets itself apart as far as quality in design and materials. Instead of giving folks another item to throw away from a conference, onboarding package, or vendor gift, we have a pair of socks that keep us in their mind and give *literal* warm and fuzzy feelings.”

company swag - Team Pay

The sock process is simple and sweet! Team Labs was able to enjoy, “the fun design process, and all the possibilities that Sock Club puts together with our brand! The team is always super responsive and comes up with great ideas and listens to our feedback. The socks are also really comfortable, people always ask for more pairs!” Custom socks are not only a way to internally share within your company but can be for new business ventures, client gifts, holiday surprises, and much more.

Sock Club is here to show you endless possibilities with your design, and ways you could use socks for your company swag. “We wanted socks, we didn’t have socks, now we have awesome socks!” – Leah 

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