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Building connections through visual storytelling is why Digital Brew can make your video vision come to life. Inspired by your companies vision, Digital Brew can craft explainer videos, commercials, documentaries, and just about any video your company needs. Forming a valuable partnership with its customers is how this media production can stand out amongst its competitors. Being a part of tradeshows and connecting with attendees is the same model that is instilled in their product communication. Project Manager, Teresa Huff needed to find some tradeshow swag that would uplift their company and attract attendees to their booth.

What is more interesting than hearing attendees and vendors chatting about, “did you hear they have free socks.” “Sock Club helped take our idea of branded socks to the next level. We were able to turn an idea into a reality in little time at all!” Teresa experienced that with Sock Club’s custom socks, Digital Brew was able to be the buzz of the tradeshow. How often do you see socks as a conversation starter?

“We loved the excellent customer service, quick and responses! Also, the designs the Sock Club team created on our behalf LITERALLY knocked our (old) socks off!” Showcasing creativity in the promotional product world doesn’t need to be hard or a burden. Sock Club makes the experience fun and offers a collective creative atmosphere for both the company and them, just ask Digital Brew!

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