How Flyhomes Uses Custom Socks

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Real Estate firm, Flyhomes, partnered with Sock Club to create custom socks that would work for any occasion. Custom socks are a game-changer for the way FlyHome approached their employees and clients.

Flyhomes is an innovative real estate firm that has reinvented the home purchase process for buyers. Clearing obstacles to homeownership was their primary goal for their clients. With multiple counterparts that Flyhomes encounters, their goal was to find a way for custom socks to be used in various promotional ventures. Chase from Flyhomes described their venture needs for “employees, leads, clients, friends/family of employees, trade-show attendees, event promotion, and gift bags.” 

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Our socks became the missing key they needed. “As a real estate firm, we are always looking for ways to show we are hip and cool with the times. We have used these as gifts to send to prospective leads, clients, and partners. The reaction our team and clients had was priceless, “everyone is so excited to receive these socks, and they’re easier to grab to bring to a meeting with a client than a t-shirt” – Chase Flyhomes. We brainstormed multiple ways our socks would be used and came up with a lasting impression for any occasion. That is the beauty of using socks as your conversation starter; they work for any industry and fit into any occasion. Chase was excited to see how the sock process works and described his experience as “the socks are so cool. It’s like they got into our heads as a company and matched all of our brandings with some extremely creative design.”

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