FAQ Custom Socks

Got questions about our custom face socks? Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Face Socks by Sock Club. We can help with any questions about shipping, photo uploads, design, personalization, international orders, and more! Not in our FAQ? Let us know and we will gladly help with your order!


Which photo should I upload?
Upload a picture with good lighting (avoid shadows), resolution and the entire subject/face inside the frame - our designers will crop the face for you!
Feel free to make any special notes in the order notes at checkout.
Do you have any good photo tips?
• Take a photo of the entire face of the pet/person (ears included)
• Good lighting on the face (natural light is usually best, but we can make anything work)
• Smart phone photos are usually great, just make sure it isn't blurry
• Avoid using a photos with intense orange light from lamps/bulbs Straight on shots of the person/pet tend to look best on the socks
Are there restrictions on photos I can use?
Due to copyright/trademark laws, we cannot put celebrities (ex: Kanye), characters (ex: Popeye), symbols, logos, icons and other famous marks when you do not own the rights. If our team notices any possible issues, we will flag the order and reach out to you asap.

Orders & Payment

Will you send me a proof?
In order to get your socks to your door asap, we generally do not show a proof. We are confident that we will make great socks based on the photo you provide and if we see any potential issues, we always reach out asking for another photo.
Can I change my order after I place it?
Because these are a custom product, we won't be able to guarantee that we can change your order once it is placed. We are always happy to try though!
How long will it take to get my socks?
10 days + shipping (usually less)


Where are your socks made?
Our socks are made here in the USA! We love our partner mills and printers in North Carolina and Alabama.
What sock sizes do you offer?
We understand that all feet are unique, so we also offer Small, Medium, & Large. Here is a full size list:
• Small (Men's 3-7 / Women's 3-7)
• Medium (Men's 8-12 / Women's 8-12)
• Large (Men's 13+ / Women's 13+)