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The Lusio


Maureen Jennings Designer


“Play isn’t something new that you have to do. It’s tapping back to something that is personal and fulfilling.”

– Meredith Sinclair

For me, this month’s sock design was imagined during a moment of play. Of taking time to investigate colors. Of sitting on squares and circling around triangles. Of asking silly questions. Of letting the design “speak to me” (yes, it is that idiosyncratic at times). And what it ended up saying was “I am detailed yet understated. I am autumn and comfort and family all in one.”

Like a child who runs through life caught up in the mere joy of it all, I granted myself time to design without expectations, to play, and found beauty in the simple act of creating until I chanced upon a design I could relate to.

So, as you sit down on the edge of your bed in the morning to put on your socks, getting ready to step out into that glorious day ahead of you, let these socks be a reminder to encourage you to sprinkle some play into your day. Whether that’s changing up your morning routine or doodling your thoughts out onto a paper napkin (wasn’t this how Shark Week was first devised?) let go of assumptions and allow the simple act of play to guide you today, you may be surprised at what “speaks to you”.

You’ve also probably noticed a couple of things this month, the packaging and mailer envelope looks a little different than before. As Sock Club enters our 10th year of business, we thought it was time to try something new.

We know how exciting it is to receive goodies in the mailbox, so we’ve made some changes to make that moment as fun and convenient as possible. We transitioned to a smaller, recyclable mailer to fit mailboxes of all shapes and sizes. No more crammed, bent, or crimped packages to contend with or “we missed you” notes from the post office. Each month’s sock is as much about the design as it is about you. 

To reimagine the unboxing experience and create a little surprise the new sock wrap features a sock-shaped cut out to give a sneak preview of the month’s design. It also doubles as a window to hold up and take pictures through so that you, too, can be a sock designer!  Sock Club of 2021 is a much different company than the one a decade ago and we wanted a subscription experience that reflects who we are today.

With that being said, our commitment to producing the highest quality socks and delivering amazing service remains the same.

So, what do you think? Love it? Hate It? Something else entirely? We want to hear what you think about the new look!

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20210824 142704
20210824 141549

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September Sock Mood Board


Each month, when our designers are putting together ideas for our sock design, they source a collection of images that evoke a mood or feeling that they want their sock designs to inspire.

This month’s mood board contains images of the simple, playful pleasures in life, like road trips, sunsets, and time spent with friends.

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