Trade Show Giveaways

Unique and quality custom socks make great giveaways, not throwaways.

Does your company attend trade shows? What trade show items are you giving away? If all you said was a business card, let’s change that! We all know business cards will mostly just end up in the trash, and trade show attendees receive hundreds, if not thousands, of business cards in one weekend. The most effective trade show giveaways stand out and actually make it home.

Sock Club has branded trade show giveaway ideas that can help attract people to your booth and get you a callback. Our custom socks are the most popular and have a one-size-fits-most option. All of our custom sock options can be branded with your company logo, slogan, and colors. We also offer custom hand sanitizer as a promotional product. Nowadays every purse, pocket, car, and house has hand sanitizer so why not use that opportunity to keep your brand top of mind?

Finding the best trade show giveaways doesn’t have to be difficult and wasteful. We can help you create high-quality unique trade show swag that doesn’t end up in the trash. Custom socks are a fantastic custom branded swag option that is eco-friendly and will get used again and again by everyone!

Trade show giveaway custom socks for Kano

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