Made in USA: Why it Pays to Invest in American Made Products

"Buying from manufacturers located in the USA helps to strengthen our local small businesses, bolster the economy, and create more jobs here at home."

While you’re out perusing the aisles of your favorite stores ready to make a purchase, how often do you stop and check the “Made in ___” tag to see where your items are coming from? 

Chances are, you’re more than likely to see the same three places popping up everywhere: “Made in China”, “Made in Taiwan”, or “Made in Mexico”. Seeking cheaper labor costs, more and more companies opt to use overseas factories and manufacturers to produce their products, pushing American companies and workers to face larger competition and outsourcing for domestic sales and jobs. 


Years and years ago, most products on our store shelves were proudly emblazoned with a “Made in the USA” sticker, but since the end of the 20th century, we’ve seen a steady decline in American made products. Lately, however, American consumers have begun to reverse this trend after seeing the benefits to their communities when buying locally made products. Buying American-made helps to strengthen our local small businesses, bolster the economy, and create more jobs here at home. At Sock Club, we’ve partnered with mills in North Carolina to make our products, resulting in faster turnaround time and higher quality goods for our customers. 

Here are just a few ways in which buying domestically-manufactured products benefits everyone:


1. Provides Jobs

When buying American-made, you help foster domestic job creation, provide growth to other industries, and develop a future of job security for our workers. In a study done by the Economic Policy Institute, they found 1 manufacturing job helps support 1.4 jobs in other sectors of the US economy. 

When we invest money into domestically made products, the money is immediately reinvested into our communities and helps provide more employment opportunities for both current and future generations.

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2. Better for the Environment

Products made overseas don’t have to commit to the same regulations set forth by our Environmental Protection Agency here in the United States. The EPA requires our manufacturers to adhere to strict policies on pollution, waste, and other environmental hazards that could be detrimental to our communities. These guidelines are crucial for promoting a culture of environmental consciousness and help push us towards more renewable and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. However, foreign manufacturers are not bound by these stipulations and may take shortcuts to benefit their profits, at the cost of our global environmental health. 

Shipping is also a concern. Products traveling across the Pacific and Atlantic ocean travel extreme distances when compared to domestically made products. Buying American-made guarantees less fuel use, less pollution, and a smaller global carbon footprint.

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3. Better for the Economy

When you buy American-made goods, it creates a ripple effect. You’re not only directly supporting the workers who work in the factories, but you’re also helping all the other secondary companies that help keep them running. No business is self-sufficient, they need the help of their communities in the form of construction crews to build their infrastructure, utility companies to keep them powered, local restaurants to keep them fed, and financial companies to keep them on track. 

Buying American-made products can also be beneficial to the consumer by providing them with lower fulfillment times, reduced shipping costs, and more ease of mind when they feel they have a connection with the manufacturer they’re purchasing from. 

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4. High-Quality Products

Take one look around the Sock Club website, and you’re sure to quickly find the “Made in the U.S.A” label proudly displayed. You may see that and wonder why we (and so many other companies) make such an obvious effort to market our products with this classification. As you continued scrolling through our site, you would also find Sock Club’s mission outlined: to deliver the highest quality products, in the shortest turn times, at competitive prices. 

These offerings are what sets us apart from our competitors, and none of it would be possible if our products weren’t manufactured here in the U.S.A. 

While overseas production is a cheaper option, the quality of products is often sacrificed. When a product is labeled as “Made in the U.S.A.,” there is a universal expectation that the product will be of high-quality, and that the shipment a buyer receives will be true to how it was marketed. This really isn’t an unrealistic expectation, because, historically, American companies have lived up to this standard by building their products with high-quality components that are necessary to ensure a product’s longevity and durability. 

Ultimately, the unparalleled quality of American-made products compensates for the often higher costs. Not to mention, shipping times are reduced drastically when products are made, fulfilled, and shipped domestically. 

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Our production team, located in North Carolina, has been knitting high-quality socks for some of the world’s finest and most well-known brands for over two generations. In addition, we have partnered with numerous vendors that supply American cotton, spin that cotton into usable yarn, dye the cotton, then knit and finish the socks. We’re proud of the partnerships that make up our supply chain and make our socks possible. We’re also proud that our products are marked by the sticker that reads “Made in the U.S.A.”

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