Employee Spotlight: Samantha Campbell

David Harper
January 10, 2024

Service has been a core value of Sock Club since we sold our first sock subscription in 2012. Our customers are the central part of our business, and making their days by delivering the best socks in the world is what drives us each day.

We are fortunate to have a business and a customer base that is growing. We don’t want to lose even an ounce of that personal service, so we need to grow our team as well. More orders mean more calls, emails, and other kinds of touchpoints with our clients, and we want to make sure that our dedication to quality extends to each one of those touchpoints as well as our socks.

Samantha Campbell joined the Sock Club team in July 2023 as our Customer Success Manager, helping to level up our customer service team, training, and service analytics so that we can continue to hold true to that value of service that has always set us apart. 

Our team sat down with Samantha to learn a little more about her and her time at Sock Club thus far.

SC: What about your new position or Sock Club in general drew you to apply for the job?

Samantha: Socks make people happy! I wanted to work for a company that ultimately brought people joy.  

SC: What is your professional background prior to joining our team?

Samantha: I was with NBCUniversal for the past six and a half years. I have a background in Partnership Account Management and Digital Business & Operations where I managed a team of Digital Service Representatives who were responsible for post-sale responsibilities.  

SC: What's been your favorite thing about working at Sock Club?

Samantha: The people! Everyone is so warm, welcoming, and incredibly smart. I've only been working here for about a month but I instantly felt that "at home" feeling.  

SC: What's it like being a Customer Success Manager at Sock Club for someone who wouldn't know at all?

Samantha: I'm here to help onboard clients and implement processes that provide a great customer experience. 

SC: Who or what inspires you?

Samantha: Coaching others. I enjoy coming up with creative processes to help people learn and grow in their professional careers while also building a close knit community with everyone on the team.   

SC: What’s the last book you read? Why/what did you learn?

Samantha: Happy Place. I'm all about a good beach read, especially one with a love story.  

SC: What’s the first concert you ever attended?

Samantha: Kelly Clarkson.

SC: What’s the next place on your travel bucket list?

Samantha: Back to Italy - I want to go back and spend more time in Capri! 

SC: What is something people might not know about you?

Samantha: I'm a huge foodie! My weekends, vacations, etc revolve around food. I love to cook and try new restaurants in my free time!  

SC: When people talk about the impact you make at Sock Club, what do you want them to say?

Samantha: I want them to say that I built and motivated a great Customer Success team that has helped increase the company's revenue.  

SC: What initiative on another team are you most interested in learning more about currently?

Samantha: I'm interested in learning more about the Product/Dev team's initiative to update the Sock Club site so it's easier for clients to navigate on their own.  

Want to learn more about our current opportunities and join our team? Check out our careers page for all current open positions. We want to meet you!

David Harper
January 10, 2024