How To Use Custom Socks

Everybody wears socks! Whether you're needing custom socks with logo for your company swag, conference giveaways, event promotional product, or more - we at Sock Club are the custom sock experts that have seen it all!

A rainbow of custom socks laid out showcasing different designs for Amazon, Microsoft, Sonic, and more

Company Swag

Hand custom logo socks out to employees, prospects, or clients - our one-size-fits-most custom socks option makes them versatile for any audience and marketing campaigns!

Custom socks for Samsara being handed to a prospect at a trade show booth

Trade Show Giveaways

Branded socks can engage conference attendees and drive traffic to your trade show booth. Custom socks is the promotional product that will not end up in the trash!

Three employees sitting on yellow stools in an office kitchen wearing branded socks

Employee Appreciation

Custom socks as employee appreciation gifts are a perfect warm welcome to new hires, celebrating great work from employees or coworkers, and promoting company culture!

Three different custom socks used for donor gifts laid out on a table with candles and greenery

Donor Gifts

Keep your non-profit organization top of mind for all your donors and volunteers. Your custom socks with logo will show appreciation and be appreciated!

Man hanging socks up in a company store filled with customized socks with logos on them

Company Store

When creating an online company store for employees, it’s hard to find branded items that store well and aren't size-dependent. Custom logo socks are the answer!

A man playing basketball outside on an outdoor court in custom athletic socks with the NBA logo on them

Sports Team Uniforms

Get brand socks with team logos, numbers, words, and colors to make your team look coordinated and sharp- while being comfortable and built for performance!

A corporate gift box from Google with a pair of branded socks sitting on a desk in a modern office

Corporate & Holiday Gifts

Corporate gifting and holiday gifts inspire loyalty, and culture, and builds relationships! Customize your socks with a logo, colors, or messages for perfect corporate holiday gifts!

A beach-themed sock sitting in a pile of sand with umbrellas and shells on a blue background

Event Promotion

Custom branded socks are one of the best event promotion swag ideas. Promotional socks allow you to promote your event, be VIP gifts or be sold as branded merchandise!

Why are custom socks the best swag item?


One of the things that custom socks have over other branded wearables, including custom t-shirts, is that we offer a one-size-fits-most option, meaning you can order fewer and carry less stock because you don't have to worry about custom sock sizing! Our one size and will fit almost everyone, easing the ordering, inventory, and distribution process so you can get custom socks fast and easy.

We do offer a full range of sizes to bring to life your brand socks. Our standard size offerings range from Baby socks to Adult Large, but, since we are your direct custom socks manufacturers, we can always help create something that is unique to your needs.

Shipping is a Breeze

Custom socks are a small, lightweight, soft good that doesn't have a shelf-life. They pack easily for trade shows and conferences, your custom wholesale socks order can be used throughout the years and will not break or scratch in transit.

As the best custom sock company in the USA, we can handle it all for you. We are able to ship internationally, to individual fulfillment addresses (send us your email list!), and even store your custom logo socks order at our sock manufacturers facilities so that you can ship smaller amounts to different events. Whatever you need to spread the word about your brand, we are here to make it happen with custom socks!

Everybody Wears Socks

Custom socks are practical and useful products, meaning your branded socks will get impression after impression from your audience every time they put them on and wear them out. Our in-house design team are professionals at creating unisex custom sock designs for any audience to engage them and be worn again and again.

In today’s more casual society, funky custom socks have replaced funky ties! Fun crazy custom socks are the way that people, including your prospects, employees and co-workers, are expressing themselves, making it the perfect way to incorporate your brand into their everyday life.

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