Sock Club Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our custom sock design process? Look no further! We've got all the information you need to know right here, from designing your own socks to buying them in bulk.

Our process is easy and stress-free, so you can focus on making your custom socks as unique and exciting as your brand!

At Sock Club, we're here to make designing your own custom socks a breeze and elevate your brand to the next level! So whatever your need, we’ve got a sock for that. Check out our frequently asked questions below!

Ordering Custom Socks with Sock Club

What is the Sock Club minimum order quantity for bulk custom socks?
Our best seller custom branded socks includes our custom crew socks, custom ankle socks, and custom athletic socks, start at 30 pairs per custom sock design and size. If you need less than 30, we still may be able to help. We have other styles and custom sock sizes ranging from custom long socks, custom wool socks, and custom baby socks which all have slightly varying minimums. You can see all of Sock Club's custom products for details here!
What customizable socks sizes does Sock Club offer?
Most clients adding logo on custom branded socks or custom sports socks will order our "One-Size-Fits-Most" option also known as our adult medium. That size fits about 90% of customers, but we have a full range of customizable sock sizes from baby to youth to small and large, you can check out all our customizable socks sizing chart here!
Does Sock Club offer custom sock packaging?
Yes! We provide customizable socks packaging with various style options that will compliment your branded socks and another way to show off your brand and logo! Our customized socks packaging elevates the look & feel of the branded socks and keeps pairs together! We've seen clients do creative things like put a written holiday or thank you message or a QR Code taking people to their websites!
Does Sock Club offer customized socks box or custom socks gift packaging?
Yes, we do! We offer standard 1 pair, 2 pair, 3 pair, and 4 pair bulk custom socks boxes, but we can also make custom sized boxes as well. Get in touch and we'll make sure your custom branded socks have the perfect socks custom packaging as well!
What customizable socks lengths does Sock Club offer?
As custom socks manufacturers we can make socks of any lengths, we're able to Frankenstein different custom made socks. However, there are definitely best selling options that fit most peoples needs our most popular options are custom crew socks, custom ankle socks, and custom knee-high socks also known as custom long socks- but if you dream it, we can make it!
Does Sock Club make custom athletic socks?
Yes! We always recommend the cotton crew version of our custom athletic socks. Both are moisture-wicking performance socks with reinforced heel, toe and with added compression, these custom sports socks are used for all types of events, teams, and sports like baseball! Aside from the crew we also have custom athletic ankle socks, these have all the bells and whistles of our custom athletic crew socks with an additional running tab making it perfect for running crowds, and race events!

Sock Club Socks Custom Production

What are Sock Club customized socks made of?
All our bulk custom socks are specifically custom knitted socks, so we offer a variety of yarn fabrics to match your product needs including cotton, nylon, and wool. Our most popular options, and most highly recommended are our custom cotton socks which contains 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon and 4% Lycra.
What is Sock Club production lead time?
Our in-house socks manufacturer standard production timeline is five business days or fewer for our domestic custom socks in bulk, plus your desired shipping option. We'll provide a exact production estimate of your branded socks once you give us sock designs approval and we can always make rush orders happen with no fees– just ask!
Can Sock Club do rush orders?
Most certainly! We do our best to meet any deadline and we never charge rush fees. Contact us at or call us at 512-981-6437 right away to make sure that we can get your custom socks order in right away!

Sock Club Custom Sock Designs

How much do Sock Club custom sock designs cost?
Our custom sock design services are always free! We have a professional in-house team of custom sock designers that are a resource to you through the whole process. As the best custom sock company in the USA we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get your custom socks fast. We've also created an online custom sock creator for those who want to design your own socks, along with a graphic design sock templates for those familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator!
How long does it take for Sock Club to create custom socks with logo designs?
Our sock designs team can customize your socks designs in in 1-3 business days, depending on capacity. Quick/same-day design turnaround is possible – just let us know so we can help you meet your deadline! If you urgently need something on hand we do always recommend playing with our online custom sock creator - which lets you visually see your logos on socks in minutes! We also have downloadable graphic design sock templates for anyone familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator which depends on your skillset!
Can you custom design your own socks with Sock Club?
Yes! If you urgently need something on hand we offer an online custom sock creator - it's definitely the quickest way to visually see your logos on socks! We also have downloadable graphic design sock templates for anyone familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator. Our recommendation is always to rely on our sock designs team to create custom sock designs that will wear well as custom knitted socks. And their services are always free, all you have to do is send us your logo!
How many colors can go on Sock Club customized socks with logo?
In our experience the best results are sock designs containing between 5 - 8 colors, if you have a complex custom socks design request we recommend chatting with our sock designs team who make miracles happen on a daily basis. Send us your logo or assets and see what sock designs we can drum up – after all, it’s free!
Does Sock Club offer PMS color matching for customized socks?
We can custom dye yarn to exact match your brand colors, however, it is added cost and time, so we would recommend avoiding it if possible. We have developed a palette of over 50 colors of yarn that we keep in stock at our custom socks manufacturer facilities that have work perfectly for over 50,000 of our clients. We're more than happy to send over free samples of our past customized socks to help you visualize the colors of our custom socks in real life.
Can Sock Club make different left and right customized socks, sometimes known as mismatched socks?
We can certainly accommodate orders that feature mismatched pairs! These bulk custom socks have a minimum order quantity of 120 pairs due to there technically being two sock designs. We've seen fun pairings like words that go across the bottom, or simple icons that go together (like salt and pepper socks)! Let our custom sock designs team know and they can help bring your ideas to life!
I'm not sure what or how to put my logos on socks for my company. How can Sock Club help?
Many sock vendors and custom sock manufacturers will have three options for you to custom design your own socks. As the best custom sock company- we offer all three. Our most highly recommended option is to rely on our professional sock designs team to get free custom sock designs simply by sending us your logo. Our second most popular way people get sock designs support is to design your own socks using our online custom sock creator which lets you place logos on socks, choose from different sock template patterns, and see your sock designs on a 3D model. Lastly if you're skilled with Photoshop or Illustrator, we also have downloadable graphic design sock templates you can play around with as well!

Sock Club Pricing

How much do custom socks in bulk cost with Sock Club?
The pricing of a customized socks depends on the quantity and product type you order- when buying custom socks bulk with us, the more you order the better the price break! Our minimum order is 30 pairs per design, per size for our best-selling customizable socks. You can browse all our products to get estimates or reach out to us at!
Does Sock Club charge additional fees, set-up fees, or rush fees?
We never charge setup fees or rush fees! The only additional charges we have are for custom sock packaging is desired as well as shipping fees!
Does Sock Club provide discounts?
Please contact us for questions regarding special pricing.
Does Sock Club charge based on the custom sock designs or colors?
No- we want to make sure you can get the coolest custom socks or custom crazy socks of your dreams, so all pricing on custom socks in bulk is based on quantity not colors or for custom sock design work! We do have custom sock design recommendations on how many yarn colors you should include and sock designs that will knit better, the best people to talk to is our professional in-house sock designs team for help!
What forms of payment does Sock Club accept?
We accept payment in the form of credit card, ACH transfer, or check. Any invoices over $4,000 will have an additional 3% credit card processing fee. To avoid this fee, you can mail a check or pay through ACH bank transfer.

Sock Club Shipping

Where are Sock Club's custom sock manufacturers located? Where is the origin point for shipping?
Our custom sock manufacturers are located in North Carolina, USA which is also our FOB and point of shipping. The heart of textile manufacturing in America!
Does Sock Club ship internationally?
Yes! Please keep in mind that shipping costs are often higher due to international shipping, customs, VAT, or duty fees. These are calculated on a case-by-case basis. We are also NAFTA compliant.
Will Sock Club send tracking with my custom sock bulk order?
Tracking details for any customized socks orders with us will be sent via email once your order has been shipped!
Can Sock Club help me ship to multiple locations?
Yes! We are professionals at drop shipping, so let us know where you need your custom socks with logo sent to and we'll make sure they arrive safe and sound at those doorsteps!
Can Sock Club use our own shipping account?
Yes! Please let us know ahead of time and we can easily ship any custom sock orders on your shipping account!

Sock Club Company Info

What is Sock Club?
What makes Sock Club unique is that we offer custom sock design services as a custom socks manufacturer! We originally started as a sock subscription company, but now we are pros at putting logos on socks and creating all kinds of unique customized socks! Our branded socks act as perfect company swag, promotional socks, employee appreciation gifts and so much more!
Where is the Sock Club headquarters?
Sock Club was born and bred in Austin, TX where our corporate socks custom team and offices are still headquartered. However our socks manufacturer facility and teams are located North Carolina!
What makes Sock Club different from other custom sock vendors or custom socks manufacturers?
Sock Club is the best custom sock company in the USA because we own our sock manufacturers, this means we have the fastest turnaround time of just 5 days! Then combined with our in-house team of professional sock designs team and account managers- our superior customer service makes us stand out. Lastly, we specialize in custom knitted socks and custom cotton socks- both to ensure you get the highest quality custom branded socks because it creates customizable socks that are comfortable and long-lasting!
What kind of customizable socks does Sock Club make?
Sock Club's specialty is custom knitted socks, also known as custom woven socks, and custom cotton socks! However we carry all types of materials like nylon, and wool but we always recommend our cotton products. And we offer a wide range of styles including custom crew socks, custom dress socks, custom athletic socks, custom ankle socks, and every size from baby to adult large. Essentially we have it all the custom socks bulk you could possibly need!
How do I order custom socks in bulk with Sock Club?
You can start the process with Sock Club by submitting a logo to our sock designs team or trying our online custom sock creator. Once you get custom sock designs in anywhere from minutes to at most 48 hours, you can request as many revisions as you need to create custom socks of your dreams. When you're happy with the sock designs, you'll adjust the bulk custom socks quantity you need, approve the order and your branded socks will be made in as fast as 5 days before being shipped out to you!
How can I contact Sock Club?
You can always email us at or call us at 1-800-618-4861 for any of your bulk custom socks needs! You'll always speak to real humans and not an automated robot. No offense to robots.