Sock Club Company Info

What is Sock Club?

Where is the Sock Club headquarters?

What makes Sock Club different from other custom sock vendors or custom socks manufacturers?

What kind of customizable socks does Sock Club make?

How do I order custom socks in bulk with Sock Club?

How can I contact Sock Club?

Ordering Custom Socks with Sock Club

What is the Sock Club minimum order quantity for bulk custom socks?
What customizable socks sizes does Sock Club offer?

Does Sock Club offer custom sock packaging?

Does Sock Club offer customized socks box or custom socks gift packaging?

What customizable socks lengths does Sock Club offer?

Does Sock Club make custom athletic socks?

Sock Club Socks Custom Production

What are Sock Club customized socks made of?

What is Sock Club production lead time?

Can Sock Club do rush orders?

Sock Club Custom Sock Designs

How much do Sock Club custom sock designs cost?

How long does it take for Sock Club to create custom socks with logo designs?

Can you custom design your own socks with Sock Club?

How many colors can go on Sock Club customized socks with logo?

Does Sock Club offer PMS color matching for customized socks?

Can Sock Club make different left and right customized socks, sometimes known as mismatched socks?

I'm not sure what or how to put my logos on socks for my company. How can Sock Club help?

Sock Club Pricing

How much do custom socks in bulk cost with Sock Club?

Does Sock Club charge additional fees, set-up fees, or rush fees?

Does Sock Club provide discounts?

Does Sock Club charge based on the custom sock designs or colors?

What forms of payment does Sock Club accept?

Sock Club Shipping

Where are Sock Club's custom sock manufacturers located? Where is the origin point for shipping?

Does Sock Club ship internationally?

Will Sock Club send tracking with my custom sock bulk order?

Can Sock Club help me ship to multiple locations?

Can Sock Club use our own shipping account?

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