Everything You Need to Design Custom Socks

Everything you need to design custom socks! Learn about our online custom sock creator, our graphic design custom sock templates, or lean on our professional sock designs team. Plus find design resources like yarn colors, sizing charts to create custom socks fast and easy!

A woman designing custom socks online at her desk through Sock Club's online sock design builder

Meet Our Custom Socks Design Team

Our in-house team of designers provide free and professional custom sock designs services to ensure your custom sock design turns out exactly the way you want! They know the importance of listening to your specific needs and brand guidelines to make your customized socks a huge success. When you design your own socks with us, you can guarantee it will always be free because as the best custom sock company out here, we make sure you can make socks custom easily
picture of 6 custom sock designers who work at Sock Club
Pile of Sock Club subscription socks

Customizable Socks Sizing

Depending on the purpose of your customized socks, we have sizes from baby to adult large at Sock Club. For majority of our branded socks we recommend going with our "One-Size-Fits-Most" option (also known as our Medium!). They fit a wide range of adults making it versatile and perfect as promotional socks, corporate socks, and branded socks!

Customizable Socks Yarn Colors

We carry over 50+ standard yarn colors to make your socks custom fast! These colors have fit the needs of thousands of brands and happy clients, we are confident they will help you design socks you'll love! This is how we enable you to custom design your own socks quickly and get high quality custom knitted socks and custom cotton socks!
picture of fall colored yarn spools on wall
woman sitting at desk on laptop customizing her custom socks using Sock Club's sock designer software

Try Our Sock Customizer

Our sock customizer / custom sock creator lets you design your own socks online in just minutes! Simply start by uploading your logo, then you can select from several placements you can put your logo on socks! Choose from our popular sock template patterns and change colors until you get the perfect custom sock designs. You can also submit sock designs with notes for our free professional sock designs services to takeover!

Socks Custom Packaging

The best way to complete your customized socks is with the perfect socks custom packaging! Our team of professional custom sock designers are happy to create options for you using your logo or brand assets!
Custom curated corporate gift box showing green landscape socks with a circle on where customers can place their logo
A number of customized socks for Google, American Airlines and Nissan laid flat as company swag, created by Sock Club based out of Austin, Texas in the USA.

How People Use Customized Socks

We've worked with over 10,000 companies to create the perfect custom designed socks with logo or brand art. The point of logos on socks is to get impression after impression as people put them on and show them off so we're confident we can help you custom design your own socks that stand out! Whether you are looking for company swag, trade show giveaways, or new hire packages you can customize your socks to do it all!

More Information About How To Design Socks

A series dedicated to pulling back the curtain on the magic that our in-house sock design team creates.
The H-E-B logo shown in vector art and then designed to knit on a custom sock in stitches/pixels

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Custom socks with gradients knit into them showing a blue gradient, orange gradient, and blue to orange gradient in a soccer ball pattern

How to Knit A Gradient

More and more companies are using gradients in their branding, and we at Sock Club are getting more and more requests for knitting gradients into our sock designs.
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Pink skein of cotton yarn from Sock Club's custom sock colors

Yarn Dyeing and PMS Matching

This blog covers the history of our yarn colors, the differences between matching yarn colors and PMS matching, and the best way to get a match for your brand.
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