Sock Club Donations and Give Back

Sock Club does one-for-one donations and other things to give back!

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Pay It Forward

We have a lot to be thankful for at Sock Club. We make a product we are passionate about and believe in. We get to make that product right here in the USA. We have amazing clients that make all the hard work worth it and we get to work alongside people that inspire us and challenge us.

Because we have been so lucky, and because it's the right thing to do, we try to pay it forward whenever possible.

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One for One

For every sock that is sold through our Sock Club DesignLab program, we donate one sock to your organization of choice. Don’t have an organization in mind? We have partnerships with several non-profits here in Austin, Texas. Just ask your account manager!

Sock Club donating socks

Social Initiatives

Sock Club believes in doing what is best for the Earth and for each other. By producing our socks in the USA, we are able to reduce fossil fuel emissions by sourcing our materials from a 100-mile radius around our mills, and reduce shipping distances.

We are also able to ensure that our production employees are paid a fair and living wage, and are protected under OSHA regulations.

Sock Club headquarters in Austin, Texas

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