Giving Back and Doing Good

Two Sock Club employees holding boxes full of custom socks to donate to our non-profit partners

Why We Give Back

As Sock Club has grown to be a leading custom socks manufacturer, their core value of being a giving partner to the community continues to grow with us, especially in wanting to set an example in the industry. Our charity socks provide warmth, comfort, and protection for people, especially in difficult times.

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Volunteers in blue t-shirts in masks holding bins of custom socks that Sock Club has donated to their organization

Sock Donation Matching

At your request, we will match any sock purchase with a donation of socks to the organization of your choice.

The socks that you donate will not be the same design as the socks that you order, but they will be the same quality. Our donation socks come from our inventory of overruns produced in our mills.

The only extra cost to you is shipping the donation socks to the organization of your choosing.

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Colorfully patterned custom socks holding up a globe in front of a brick wall

Social Initiatives and Sustainability

Sock Club believes in doing what is best for the Earth and for each other. By producing our socks in the USA, we are able to reduce fossil fuel emissions by sourcing our materials from a 100-mile radius around our mills, and reduce shipping distances.

We are also able to ensure that our production employees are paid a fair and living wage, and are protected under OSHA regulations.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas Logo

Ronald McDonald House

The Central Texas Ronald McDonald House and Family Rooms provide a comforting environment for families to stay that are far from home while their child is being treated. The Happy Wheels Carts make their way through the hospital corridors bringing items to families that are beside their child's hospital bed. The Healing Hearts program is supported by RMHC CTX in order to provide burial assistance and bereavement services for families that have lost a child.

Todos Juntos Logo

Todos Juntos Learning Center

Todos Juntos Learning Center is a charitable organization that caters mostly to Latina and Spanish-speaking households located in and around Austin. They combat intergenerational destitution among Central Texas' immigrant and refugee residents by utilizing a three-pronged strategy.

Samaritan' Purse International Relief Logo

Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian organization that is devoted to providing both spiritual and physical aid to individuals that are in need, all around the world. Since the year 1970, this organization has been reaching out to those who have been affected by war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine, with the intention of sharing God's love through His son, Jesus Christ. Furthermore, this organization works to promote the message of Jesus Christ to the Church worldwide.

Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center Logo

Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center

Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center is the most significant source of aid for homeless people in Travis County. They enable those without a home to gain access to housing and necessary services, with a low threshold for entry. Their approach is creative, based on the individual's trauma, and puts the person at the forefront. Furthermore, they bring communities together and promote changes throughout the system.

The Charlie Center Logo

The Charlie Center

The Charlie Center is a charitable organization which gives aid to people who are homeless in North Austin. The facility provides hospitality and medical care to meet the physical needs of the individuals and also assists them in finding permanent housing through its navigation services. All support is given with compassion and excellence and a comprehensive, methodical attitude to help people progress from homeless to housed.

Sock It To Em Logo

Sock It To Em

The Sock It To Em Sock Campaign has set out to meet the #1 clothing requirement of those suffering from homelessness - socks. They strive to provide new socks to men, women, and children in need and/or experiencing homelessness. The main reason those without homes end up in the emergency room is because of foot issues, the best way to stop this is to make sure they are wearing clean, dry socks regularly. By giving out a simple piece of clothing like new socks, we can help keep their feet from cooling, getting wet, and acquiring blisters or worse. Their aim is to create a positive social impact, one pair of socks at a time!

The Open Collective Street Forum Logo

The Street Forum

The primary goal of The Street Forum is to ensure the well-being and convenience of individuals in the places where we provide help. They offer workshops to volunteers in mental health first aid, de-escalating crises, Covid safety, and capturing police activities. They inspire volunteers to take their time and concentrate on the human connections forming during our occasions. They accept the outrage and hopelessness that come with homelessness and create an environment where they can be expressed securely. They give food and supplies because people require them and it encourages people to come. They take part in listening to people because they need that too.

Cover the City Logo

Cover The City Project

Cover the City was organized in order to assist the homeless people in shelters and even those who don't take advantage of the shelters in the coldest months of the year. Each November, they conduct a blanket drive by means of our various chapters to obtain new and pre-owned blankets for those in requirement. Their purpose is to cover cities both metaphorically and literally with affection and comfort.

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