Socks that Give Back

Sock Club is a sock company that donates!

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Socks that Give Back

As Sock Club has grown to be a leading custom socks manufacturer, their core value of being a giving partner to the community continues to grow with us, especially in wanting to set an example in the industry. Our charity socks provide warmth, comfort, and protection for people, especially in difficult times. Did you know that socks for homeless is the #1 clothing need and one of the least common items that people donate because they have to be donated new? For those reasons and more, we are a custom sock company that donates and has pledged 100,000 pairs of socks for homeless as part of our sock donation matching giveback program.

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Sock Donation Matching

Sock Club will regularly donate socks to homeless over the course of the year leading into the 100,000 pairs of pledged sock donations by the New Year. We also do sock donations on behalf of clients upon request, so that every pair of custom socks purchased becomes another pair of charity socks donated. Clients who already have charities of choice can direct us to send the sock donations to those recipients, and for clients who don’t we have existing charity giving partners to send sock donations in your name.

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Social Initiatives

Sock Club believes in doing what is best for the Earth and for each other. By producing our socks in the USA, we are able to reduce fossil fuel emissions by sourcing our materials from a 100-mile radius around our mills, and reduce shipping distances.

We are also able to ensure that our production employees are paid a fair and living wage, and are protected under OSHA regulations.

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