From Seed to Sock: Our Custom Sock Manufacturing Process in the USA

Sock Club's cotton spinning facility showing cotton in various stages of processing, from raw to yarn

Sock Club's Cotton Grown in the United States

The cotton we use to make our custom socks is blended together across multiple states into a homogenous blend. We source our cotton from Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri, Florida, and Texas.

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Cotton yarn spinning machine turning cotton into yarn for custom socks

Manufacturing Quality Cotton Yarn in the US

Cotton yarn is a popular choice for custom socks due to its softness, breathability, and durability. Quality, made in US cotton yarn requires attention to detail, a well-thought-out process, the right suppliers, and the right equipment.

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Pink skein of cotton yarn from Sock Club's custom sock colors

Yarn Dyeing and PMS Matching

Like everything about the custom socks at Sock Club, the yarn colors that we have developed are the product of a lot of experience and testing. In this blog, I’ll cover some of the history of our yarn colors, the differences between matching yarn colors and PMS matching, and the best way to get a match for your brand.

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Our Customizable Socks

Bulk Customizable Socks for WBUR radio station in Boston with a yellow and black argyle pattern in a box at the sock manufacturing mill

Our Socks Manufacturer Team

man working at custom socks manufacturers sock club
Our American Sock Manufacturers
sock club wholesale custom sock manufacturers usa cotton supply and spools
Innovation And Creativity
sock club custom sock designer on computer customize socks online

Sock Club Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the significance of mills in the sock manufacturing process?

Why choose Sock Club’s sock manufacturing mill?

Can you provide information about the sustainability practices of your mills?

Do you work with domestic or international mills?

Can I request specific yarn types or blends from the mills?

Are the socks produced by your mills suitable for different activities or purposes?

How do you ensure the quality of socks produced by the mills?

Can I visit the mills to see the production process firsthand?

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