Sock Club Sizing Chart

View our sizing chart for our customizable socks below!

One Size Fits Most

Women's Shoe Size 6 - 12

Men's Shoe Size 6 - 11

We always recommend our One Size Fits Most options for all custom sock orders under 1200 pairs. That is one of the benefits of a one size wearable – you aren't left with awkward leftover sizing at the end!

Adult Small

Women's Shoe Size 5 - 7

Men's Shoe Size 4 - 6

We normally recommend Adult Small for the higher range of youth sizes (ages 11-14).

Adult Large

Women's Shoe Size 12 - 15

Men's Shoe Size 11 - 14

Men with Size 9 – 11 feet can fit in the Adult Large socks as well, but the One Size Fits Most option is recommended for them.


5 - 12 Years

(Shoe Sizes 9 - 3)

If you have a group of children with a wider age range, your Account Manager will be able to help you find the right mixture of sizes for your order.


2 - 5 Years

(Shoe Sizes 7 - 10)

We do not recommend this size for children under 1 year old.


0 - 24 Mo.

(Shoe Sizes 3 - 6)

They might fit a little loosely on a newborn, but are stretchy and comfortable to fit babies as they grow.

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