Boost Morale and Productivity With Creative Employee Incentive Ideas

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024

Creative incentive ideas can go a long way towards keeping morale high in the office and fostering a positive work atmosphere.​ Workers who feel that their incentives meet their needs are seven times more likely to be actively engaged in their work compared to those who don't share this belief, according to a report from Glassdoor.

Here are some creative employee recognition ideas to boost employee morale and productivity:

Create an inspiring space

Set up an “incentive wall” in the office.​ Posters, quotes, inspiring words, and other interesting visuals can be motivating and remind people to strive for excellence.​ You can also recognize employees with awards and certificates to encourage outstanding performance.​ Employees who receive recognition for their hard work are more likely to stay motivated and work towards their goals.​ 

Offer learning opportunities

Provide access to an online/virtual training program, either free or for a fee, to allow employees to gain and grow their skills in different areas.​ Give employees a time allowance each week for independent self-learning and development.​ Offer classes or arranging a Tutor for new employees and refresher courses for the experienced employees.​ Having access to ongoing and relevant training and education motivates employees to stay current and up-to-date with their skill set.​ 

Remember the rewards

Incentive programs can also encourage employee performance.​ Offer rewards such as extra vacation days, or prizes such as company swag like custom socks or gift cards.​ Award points or tokens for accomplishments and track progress regularly to ship out branded merchandise on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to thank employees publicly and give compliments when warranted.​ Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in boosting morale and productivity.​ Custom swag is just a huge bonus!

Plan employee events

Organize fun activities and team outings.​ Bring in catered lunch once in a while or make it a regular occurrence.​ Create an office-wide competition that rewards the winners with either prizes or recognition.​ These activities can help generate positive vibes and create enthusiasm in the workplace.​ 

Create a flexible working schedule

Offer work from home days and flexible hours so that employees can manage their workload better and take necessary time off when needed.​ Having options for a work-life balance allows employees to work more efficiently and effectively.​ 

Encourage self-care practices

Establish a wellness program and offer incentives such as gym memberships, health and wellness kits, and access to online yoga classes or meditation sessions.​ These little things make a big difference in employees’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and help them to stay productive and motivated in their work.​ 

Include team-building activities in the workplace

Set up activities that foster collaboration, foster creativity,and encourage healthy competition.​ Work together on group projects and have different teams working on the same project to foster collaboration and creativity.​ This helps employees to develop relationships and learn team dynamics.​ 

 Arrange fun events and activities like corporate team building outings, sports games or activities outside the workspace.​ Getting out and away from the office can be a great way for employees to relax and enjoy the company of each other.​ This can help to boost morale and build relationships between employees and the company.​ 

Provide recognition for a job well done

Everyone loves to be appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work.​ Give a heartfelt thank-you or compliment to employees for a job well done or for a project that went above and beyond expectations.​ Rewards and recognition can help motivate employees and increase loyalty and productivity.​ 

​Organize contests, competitions and tournaments amongst employees.​ This could include a company softball team, or a weekly book club. These activities can create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace and help boost morale.​ Incentivize employees with team prizes or rewards for the winners.​ 

Make sure employees are heard

Take the employees’ opinions into account and provide feedback to let them know how their ideas are being implemented in the workplace.​ Show them how their work is making a positive difference in the company.​ 

These creative incentive ideas can be effective in boosting employee morale and productivity.​ Implement them in the workplace and take the necessary steps to ensure that your office is a positive and inspiring environment where employees can feel safe, appreciated, and rewarded.​