Go Above and Beyond With These Unique Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Mallory Haines
January 10, 2024

Trade show swag not only creates thrilling and entertaining moments to captivate your audience but also hand them a piece of your business to take home—a lasting reminder of the excitement they experienced. According to Cardinal Expo, trade show giveaways boast an impressive conversion rate of nearly 34%, turning those captivating moments into long-lasting connections!

From innovative and eco-friendly giveaway ideas to those that will make your guests feel special, here are some unique trade show giveaway ideas that are sure to go above and beyond what you’d find at any other trade show.​

Luxury skincare kits

Branded skincare kits make for excellent trade show giveaways that are both practical and luxurious.​ Give guests something they can use every day, while also making the most of your brand.​ Include masks, serums, and creams – all customized with your company's logo.​ Make sure you choose products that are non-toxic, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, to ensure maximum guest satisfaction.​

Reusable water bottles

Get creative with refillable water bottles.​ Everyone will appreciate receiving a useful, eco-friendly, and sleek water bottle.​ Choose a design that is light-weight, non-leaching, and BPA free.​ Not only are you showcasing your brand in a creative way, you’re also encouraging your guests to make eco-friendly choices.​

Branded electronics

Making electronic items a part of your trade show giveaway package is a surefire way to get noticed.​ From chargers to power banks, speakers to wristbands, you’re sure to find something that complements your brand and products.​ And don’t be afraid to think out of the box – offer items that are not only fashionable, modern, and reusable, but ones that will keep your brand in the mind of potential and current customers.​

Customized socks

If you want to show guests how much you truly value their presence, why not make them feel special with a personalized item? Products such as custom made socks can be given away with the company's logo displayed on them.​ Guests will appreciate the thought, and will remember your brand vividly.​

Fitness trackers

Last but not least, why not offer physical fitness trackers as trade show giveaways? The practical and technologically advanced items will show your guests you care about their overall health and wellbeing, and they’ll certainly have your company in mind as they use the device to monitor and track their activity.​

Creating a trade show giveaway gift

So now that you’ve read through some of the most popular and unique trade show giveaway ideas, get creative and think of what else you can offer your guests.​ Whether that’s something for the home, something practical, something luxurious, eco-friendly, personalized, digital, or something that will make them feel special, you can be sure that your guests will be talking about your trade show booth for a long time to come.​

Including personalization

As you look to start sourcing some of your unique trade show giveaway items, it is important to note that there is always the option of purchasing customizable and branded items.​ From custom socks to umbrellas, fidget spinners to wristbands, this kind of investment in promotional items can bring your brand to life! 

Not only will your guests be alert to the fact that you are giving away items that are completely branded with your company's name, logo, and message, but that boost to your brand visibility will stay with your audience long after they've left the trade show.​

Taking it digital

Do you want to remind your guests of your brand long after the trade show is over? Why not offer digital products as giveaways! Offering something like a free download of your company's app, a free e-book, or even a voucher for an online store are all really easy and cost-effective ways to not only promote your company, but also to give something back to your guests.​

Remembering the treats

Finally, why not treat your guests to some goodies? Offer up some candy, chocolate, teas, coffees, and snacks as giveaways will surely make all of your guests happy.​ You can opt for creating customized labels for the packaging – this way your guests will be exposed to your brand twice; firstly when they pick up the item, then secondly when they open to eat the snack!

Mallory Haines
January 10, 2024