Kitting, Fulfilling, and Dropshipping Custom Swag

Chloe Ayres
January 10, 2024

Sock Club started as a sock subscription service, making us quite experienced in making and sending customized socks. As a custom sock manufacturer and individual fulfillment service provider, our understanding of this process has allowed us to create a relatively seamless system. We made a guide to help you benefit from our knowledge of individual fulfillment. And explain how easy it is to dropship custom socks!

Many remote companies need a method to individually send employee gifts rather than shipping items in bulk. In addition, more event marketers are turning to promotional products to engage their customer base. In 2020, about 21.6% of marketers used promotional swag bags to engage virtual event attendees, as per Statista.

But why is there a lack of resources for the more intricate aspects of the "how" they'll receive their custom swag?

We think the answer lies in the fact that it can be complicated. If you're doing it alone or with a less experienced swag fulfillment company, it can be tough to learn. But if you have an experienced partner in dropshipping promotional products, it's actually quite simple.

We do individual fulfillment on a large scale each month with a process that we have built to be fairly automated. We can handle everything from personalized letters to shipping different sock sizes internationally. Looking to create a lasting impact with your employee appreciation kit? We can even wrap the socks in kraft paper with a wax seal—shipping within just a few days.

However, we created this relatively seamless process by learning the hard way. We put this step-by-step guide together so that you can benefit from our experience. We have walked so that you may run!

Step 1: Know your budget per piece

Many factors can influence the per-piece cost of your package. Shipping and kitting expenses can often come as a surprise to individuals. Especially if manual work is required for your package, like tying a bow. The more manual work required, the higher the kitting cost will be.

Weight and size affect shipping costs in different ways. A package can be small and weigh heavier, making it more expensive to ship.

Similarly, a package may be light but larger than standard size. For example, a fully assembled puzzle could result in higher costs. The dimensions and heaviness of your personalized promotional products will dictate everything!

This, of course, is only important if budget is important. If the budget allows flexibility, these are just considerations to keep in mind during the planning process.

Step 2: Source your items

Once you know what's most important for your decisions, you can start looking at the details. Make sure your promotional products can handle heat, they pack together well, and seal upright to avoid any problems.

Another thing to consider is the country of origin of these items. When sending employee packages abroad, keep in mind that import restrictions vary based on the product's country of origin.

Hand sanitizer is an interesting item to ship safely and legally to different locations. Looking to avoid this headache altogether? Opting for the dropshipping of custom socks might be your most advantageous solution! As your go-to sock supplier, we're here to make sure your custom creation makes the ultimate impression on your recipients!

Your supplier should be able to walk you through any restrictions on shipping their product. If they cannot provide a comprehensive explanation, it's time to look for a more experienced swag fulfillment company.

employee opening appreciation gift

Step 3: Get the mailing addresses

Trust us: this is often the part of the process that is the most particular and takes the longest. You'll need to collect individual addresses, standardize the data, verify deliverability, make necessary edits for successful delivery, and input them into a fulfillment program. Soon, your employee gifts will be on their merry way!

Pro tip: start this process earlier than you think because you'll probably need to add and remove addresses several times.

Step 4: Choose your shipping service

You can choose from various shipping methods for your project. Decide on shipping by considering the number of shipments, weight/size, destinations, and delivery speed to your recipient.

The most cost-effective method is generally the national postal service of each destination, but some restrictions may apply. Properly addressing employee gifts containing hazardous materials or batteries can help avoid such obstacles.

Making sure all shipments arrive on the same day, especially if some are international, can be a challenging request. Coordinating shipping services and timelines with sufficient preparation and clear expectations is key.

Step 5: Put the items together

This is where you need to decide how valuable your time is, and how much space you have. Kitting employee gifts can be tedious and time-consuming, and it is important to determine if that is where your time is best spent. Usually, it's better to focus on creating new opportunities than on packaging the items you've sourced.

Some kitting and fulfillment companies assemble items without manufacturing them, while certain suppliers provide kitting services. However, many suppliers may not kit items together if they did not produce them. At Sock Club, we proudly offer kitting services for any item, regardless of its source, into a shipment for you.

Sending a photo or schematic to your kitter can help ensure your promotional items are packed as desired. This is key to ensuring each custom branded swag comes together as planned.

Step 6: Track your shipments

Without a fairly robust shipping software or order fulfillment service, this is a close to impossible task. It also is not available with some services (standard postal service options in smaller packages).

When sending high-value items that need a follow-up after delivery, it's best to choose a shipping service and software with clear alerts. We use ShipStation for this; we love their platform and service, and their flexible API easily connects with your systems. This tool will make for simplified tracking of your employee appreciation kits!

Six benefits of outsourcing kitting and individual fulfillment

Efficiency and time savings

Outsourcing kitting and individual fulfillment streamlines the process, saving valuable time for your team. This allows them to focus on core tasks rather than the details of assembling and shipping employee gifts.

Customization options for unique experiences

Individual fulfillment services enable personalized employee appreciation kits. Custom swag items can ensure each employee receives a unique and thoughtful package that resonates with them.


You can make switching up employee gift contents possible without straining your time and energy. If you'd like to dropship custom socks with a variation of classic and funky designs, we can make it happen! This flexibility is crucial for team members that have different tastes, growing teams, or dynamic workforce sizes.

Professional presentation

Specialized fulfillment services provide a professional touch to the presentation of your custom swag. We carefully assemble and ship each package, showing your company's commitment to quality and detail.

Logistical expertise

Companies specializing in swag fulfillment and dropshipping, like Sock Club, have logistical expertise, ensuring timely and accurate delivery. This includes managing inventory, shipping logistics, and addressing any potential issues efficiently.

Global reach with dropshipping

Dropshipping custom swag allows for global reach. Employees located anywhere can receive their custom socks promptly and hassle-free.

Having a successful dropshipping program depends on planning and paying attention to the details. However, there are experts that can do it for you. Our Account Managers can guide you through every aspect of your order to ensure smooth promotional product fulfillment.

Start dropshipping logo socks in bulk today! You can contact us via email at or by calling 512-981-6437.