How to Make Company Swag Shopping Fun for Your Employees

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024

Company swag is something that your employees appreciate, have fun with, and remember for years.​ According to Boxaroo, 8 in 10 people own and use promo products or company swag, meaning that whatever item you give must be thoughtful and practical.

When it comes to shopping for company swag, it can be a challenge to ensure that you're giving the employees something that will make them feel valued and appreciated.​ 

In this article, we'll explore ways to make company swag shopping more fun and engaging for your employees.

Ask for input

First off, start by asking your employees what kind of swag they would like to receive.​ It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive; even something simple like t-shirts, socks, or hats can do the trick.​ 

By asking employees what they want, you can make sure you're giving them something that will make them happy, and that they're going to get use out of.​ Plus, if you're on a budget, it's easy to find swag that won't break the bank.​

Offer options

Another way to make company swag shopping more enjoyable for your employees is to offer a variety of options.​ Your employees are all different, so it's important to provide something for everyone.​ Offering a wide range of products such as custom socks, hats, bumper stickers, and even technology items, will make sure that no one's left out.​ 

Start designing

Get creative and make your company swag unique and eye-catching.​ Make sure that you find products with high quality materials, logos, and designs.​ After all, everyone loves feeling proud to bear the brand and be associated with your company.​ Add some personal flair by including company-specific logos and designs and have the swag produced in your company’s name or logo.​

Consider limited edition merchandise

Surprise your employees with exclusive swag.​ Consider surprising your employees with special items that are only available for a limited time.​ This could be something like a limited edition pair of socks, mug, or even something special like a company hat.​ It doesn't have to be expensive, but it's sure to put a smile on everyone's face.​ 

Include a note

Finally, why not add a personal touch? Have your employees sign up for their swag and include a personal message or a ‘Thank You’ in the form of a card or along with an item.​ If you know a few details about each employee, you can make sure to pick out something specific that will make them smile or appreciate.​

Making a splash with company store items

Take your company swag shopping to the next level by organizing a special gathering or event to celebrate your employees.​ Invite your staff to an indoor event or an outdoor activity such as a picnic or barbeque, or something fun like a photoshoot and incorporate company swag for the extra special touch.​ This is a great opportunity for you to see what kind of swag your employees are really interested in and what colors, materials, and designs they like best.​

Make it a team effort

Involve everyone in creating the company swag.​ Design is all about collaboration and the more people you have involved, the more creative and unique the swag will be.​ Invite your employees to come up with ideas, suggest colors, designs, and materials, and have them vote on their favorite choices.​ This is a great way to get everyone's input on the swag and show your appreciation for their involvement.​

Coordinate swag schedules

Make the shopping process fun and engaging.​ Instead of ordering all the swag at once, hold a series of events and give away swag weekly or monthly.​ This could be anything from mugs for the first week, socks for the second week and hats for the third week.​ You could also hold a ‘swag night,’ where you have employees sign up to a list and randomly pick out a lucky winner each week to receive the swag.​ 

Remember, the beauty of company swag is that it's a physical representation of your appreciation for your employees.​ It's a tangible reminder of the efforts and hard work your employees put in to make your company successful.​ So make sure to go the extra mile and make company swag shopping a fun and memorable experience.​ 

Reward your employees 

Offer rewards such as gift cards or discounts with the swag.​ Use swag such as socks or hats as incentives for employees to meet their goals or excel in their work.​ For example, if someone achieved an impressive goal or completed a task ahead of schedule, reward them with a special pair of custom socks or mug.​ This is a great way to show appreciation and reward employees for their hard work.​

Host a giveaway

Lastly, hold a company swag giveaway.​ Offer a special swag giveaway to motivate employees and get them excited about purchasing swag.​ You could offer special prizes such as gift cards, discounts, or even a small budget for company swag.​ This is a fun and effective way to show employees that you care and that their loyalty and hard work is valued.​

When it comes to shopping for company swag, don't forget to go the extra mile and make it a fun and engaging experience.​ Get creative, ask questions, and involve everyone in the process.​ 

Offer a variety of options, add personal touches, and make sure to reward and surprise your employees with exclusive swag.​ Finally, hold a company swag giveaway and make sure to thank your employees for their dedication and support.​ With a bit of effort and creativity, you can make sure that your employees feel appreciated and valued every time they put on or use their company swag!

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024