Show Your Gratitude with These Perfect Board Member Appreciation Gifts

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024

Showing your appreciation for board members should never be a challenge.​ With the perfect volunteer thank you gifts, you can express your gratitude and make sure that your message is heard.​

From thoughtful presents to luxurious experiences, here are some awesome gifts to show your board members you care.​ 

Organize a catered lunch

This is a great way to create a positive atmosphere and show board members how much you’ve enjoyed working with them.​ Ask the members to bring friends and family to show off the accomplishments they’ve made.​ Serving up nourishing meals, with a heartfelt thank you, makes board members feel appreciated in a special way. 

Treat board members to one-of-a-kind experiences​

By gifting a thrilling adventure or pampering spa day, you can give board members something they’ll always remember.​ A trip to the theater or tickets to a once-in-a-lifetime event can make for amazing memories.​ This kind of gift can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment when you want to show your gratitude.​ 

Say thanks with heartfelt word 

In today’s digital age, it’s possible to show your appreciation with beautiful and meaningful cards.​ Whether you hand deliver them or send them out in the mail, make sure your sentiment comes across loud and clear.​ Express gratitude to board members through personalized mail or in-person thanks—they'll love the thoughtful touch.

Intangible gifts

Donate to a charity in their honor, make a special announcement or highlight their accomplishments in a company meeting.​ These types of gifts let board members know how much their hard work means to you.​ 

Gift cards always make wonderful board member appreciation gifts 

Your board members can use the gift to buy whatever they want.​ Gift cards are an easy and thoughtful way to say thanks.​ Whether they select a restaurant or a spa, they will remember your generosity. 

For that extra special touch, create a custom gift basket​ 

Fill the basket with a selection of items like delicious food, books, funny trinkets, and even nonprofit swag.​ When wrapped up with pretty packaging and special touches, this kind of gift will show board members how much you value their service.​ 

Celebrate their service in meaningful ways​ 

Why not dedicate a tree in their honor, or recognize them in your company email newsletters? Third party kudos from their peers demonstrates that you care.​ 

If your board members like activities, have a special event in their honor.​ Invite board members for golf or a day at the amusement park. Let them enjoy and feel appreciated on their special day.

Gift certificates to their favorite restaurant, or a delicious bottle of champagne, make perfect thank you gifts.​ Sponsor a course or provide an industry journal subscription for board members passionate about professional development.

If your board members like to travel, a generous voucher or hotel gift card would be a great gift.​ Show your appreciation and indulge their wanderlust with a gift tailored to their needs.​ They’ll love sipping from a beachside bar as they look back fondly on the board experience they had with your organization.​ 

Give their desk a makeover

Tailor their workspace with gifts like an adjustable desk, stylish pens, or a comfy chair. Show you care by creating a thoughtful office setup for your volunteer appreciation ideas.

Make board members part of the family with a branded company item 

Express gratitude with custom socks or a mug featuring your colors and logo for their hard work. Board members can wear or use it with pride, knowing that they’ve been part of something special.​ 

Reward your board members’ service with a small professional gift 

Are they working on a personal project? Consider giving them the latest software or book they need to get it done.​ Special thank you presents show board members just how important they are to you, and is a great way to recognize their achievements.​ 

Treat your board members to something extravagant

Consider taking them all out for dinner, or gifting them with a lavish spa day. These gifts make a difference, especially for hardworking members who rarely get to relax and have fun.

Recognize board members’ efforts with a reward of their choice 

Let them pick out something special for themselves.​ Whether they want a massage package or tickets to the theater, give them the chance to find something they truly feel grateful for.​ 

Send a handwritten thank you note​ 

Show your board members you care with a heartfelt letter along with your volunteer gifts.​ Put your feelings onto paper and let the member know how much you value their hard work and dedication.​ 360 MatchPro reports that donors in the United States prefer being thanked for their contributions via mail by 55%.

Treat board members to a unique and meaningful gift basket​ 

Optimize for convenience by filling the basket with items like first aid kits, flashlights, water bottles, and snacks.​ Customize it with company socks and hats as well, and tie it all up with a bow.​ 

Extra ways to show your appreciation for board members

Remember that showing your gratitude doesn’t always have to mean giving a gift.​ Spend quality time with them, communicate regularly and celebrate their successes with the team.​ 

Support your board members' professional growth by connecting them with industry leaders or establishing a mentorship program in their honor. They'll value the chance to learn from experts and be grateful for the opportunity you've provided.

Show board members how much you value and respect them through small gestures. Gift them with the latest gadgets, organize lunches in their honor, or throw a party when they’ve made a significant contribution.​ 

Write a letter of recommendation on board members’ behalf​ 

Knowing you've recommended them to higher places will touch them deeply. Highlighting their work, skills and accomplishments speaks volumes about the kind of board members they are.​ 

Honor board members when it’s time for them to step down​ 

A retirement gift or award ceremony can emphasize their impact on the company, creating a lasting memory. Knowing that all their efforts and sacrifices didn’t go unnoticed will mean more to them than any material gift.​ 

Finally, express your gratitude through social media​

Post an article, interview, or short video that celebrates the board member’s successes.​ This act of kindness can go far in making them feel appreciated and can reach hundreds of thousands of people.​ 

For hardworking board members, let your creativity take the driver's seat for thank you gifts.​ Some examples include giving volunteer appreciation gifts, recognizing achievements at work, or encouraging with kind words.

The possibilities for expressing gratitude are endless. So, show your gratitude today and reward them with the perfect board member appreciation gifts.​

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024