Show Your Staff Love: Creative Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas

Kara Boatner
January 11, 2024

Employee recognition gifts are crucial for a positive team and work environment.

When your staff know you value their contributions, their enthusiasm goes a long way in maximizing employee performance and overall success in your organization.​ A BHN study reveals that 81% of respondents feel valued when their employer offers an end-of-year gift.

But how do you show your staff that you appreciate their efforts? Here are some creative staff appreciation gift ideas to inspire you. 

Giving them something thoughtful​ 

Gift ideas for employees such as custom swag, treat boxes, or a donation in their honor is a fantastic avenue to show your appreciation.​ Small tokens of appreciation can go a long way and help reinforce your core values of respect and appreciation.​ 

Provide each staff member with a ticket to a movie or a concert they love or an e-gift card they can spend on whatever they want.​ Showing that you care about their needs and interests will be sure to make them feel special.​

Let them showcase their skills and talents​ 

Provide an opportunity to focus on their unique specialties, embrace individual differences and interests, and make them feel honored.​ Offering an all-expense-paid team outing such as an art workshop or a cook-off can serve as a great reward for your team to bond and get creative.​

Organize events and activities 

Award ceremonies, team building gatherings, or a fun night with games to celebrate the team’s accomplishments.​ This is a great way to offer recognition and respect for everyone’s hard work while giving them an opportunity to let loose and have some fun.​ You can also give away awards like ‘Best Team Player’ to motivate your employees.​

Encourage PTO

Give your employees the freedom to take days off when they want to – it’s a great way to reward them for their hard work and give them a break from their hectic work schedule.​ An extra day off without having to sacrifice their holidays or use their vacation time is a great way to show your appreciation.​ You can also give them the freedom to work from home for a day if that works better for their schedule.​

Organize a staff retreat

It’s a great way to bond among each other, build relationships, and makes your team feel appreciated.​ You can take them camping or on a hiking adventure, a tour of the city, a night out for a team dinner, or explore a theme park or museum.​ 

You can also take your team on a fun trip or just a few hours getaway that helps them disconnect and rejuvenate.​ This could include a trip to a nearby beach, lake, or a ski trip to the mountain.​

Give plaques or certificates for their outstanding performance

Praising each person's efforts motivates the team and demonstrates that their contributions are valued. You can also give personalized awards, like a trophy or trophy with their name engraved on it.​

Organize a company-wide competition and award prizes to winners

It can be something as simple as best photo contest or a team building scavenger hunt.​ This is a great way to foster collaboration while making your team feel valued and appreciated.​

Schedule one-on-one sessions with each team member

Give them the opportunity to express their opinions and share their ideas.​ This will make them feel appreciated and valued, and will also give you a chance to get to know your employees better.​ Ask questions about what motivates them and how you can make their job more enjoyable.​

Give an extra bonus to thank them for their hard work​ 

This could be something as simple as a gift card, bonus vacation days, or a cash reward.​ Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture to show how much you appreciate their efforts.​

Host a breakfast or lunch at the office for their achievements

Cater in breakfast tacos or donuts, or order in lunch for everyone.​ This is one way of indicating you value their hard work and appreciate a job well done.​

Present your team members with handwritten notes 

Express your appreciation and gratitude.​ Acknowledge their hard work and dedication in a written letter that they can keep and treasure for a long time.​ Surprise your team with unique thank you cards they can wear or keep with them as a special reminder of your appreciation.​ A small gesture like a personalized thank you card from you or the team can really make a difference.​

Set up an employee recognition program 

Acknowledge great work and rewards staff in a timely manner.​ Offer tokens of appreciation such as gift cards or even coupons for time off.​ Your team members will appreciate the recognition and motivation to continue delivering excellent results.​ 

Have a themed appreciation day based on the interests of your staff​ 

Let them play board games, have a movie marathon, or go to a nearby park or cafe for some outdoor fun.​ Spend some time with your team to make them feel appreciated and valued.​

Organize a happy hour

Celebrate accomplishments with food and drinks, or just take some time to relax after a busy work week.​ This is a great way to show your employees that you care about their happiness and well-being.​

Invest in employee wellness programs 

Activities such as yoga, meditation, or massage sessions can be a great token to show appreciation.​ Show your team that you care about their mental well-being and that you are invested in their happiness outside of work.​ This kind of program is a great way to let your staff recharge and find balance in their lives.​

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Kara Boatner
January 11, 2024