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Austin EastCiders Socks

The Austin Eastciders socks may or may not have been the result of consistent pestering from the Sock Club sales team wanting to make custom socks for one of their favorite places! Located in the heart of East Austin, Austin Eastciders makes delicious craft ciders that they serve in their taproom and in sell in stores. According to their website, they “we use real cider apples sourced from Europe. Unlike culinary apples, cider apples are full of tannins that create astringency and a more complex flavor profile. We then marry them with apples from the Pacific Northwest for a perfectly-balanced cider.” Delicious! The Sock Club design team was thrilled to create custom socks based on their beautiful branding. Austin Eastciders has now ordered several different designs from Sock Club to sell as merch in their taproom and on their website.