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Unisex, and one-size fits most, makes socks perfect employee gifts!

According to HealthEngine's website, the company "provides consumers with a powerful tool to save money without having to sacrifice quality. Physician-led, HealthEngine believes that when consumers wield the power of choice in partnership with their doctors, they are truly in the driver’s seat to demand and receive the very best quality and price possible as competition heats up in the marketplace."

Brigitte Brice, the Employee Experience Coordinator at HealthEngine, was looking for a gift for the employees at the company. It needed to be an employee appreciation gift that was high quality, represented their brand colors perfectly, and was able to work for a variety of people (all shapes and sizes!) at a low minimum. Sock Club's One Size Fits Most custom socks solved her problem for fitting a variety of employees, while our low minimum of 60 pairs met her order quantity requirement.