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Teampay Socks

Teampay, according to their website, is "the first purchasing software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses. Our products enable companies to request, approve and track expenditures in real-time." Leah Ward, a marketing professional at Teampay, was looking for custom swag that could serve multiple purposes. Teampay needed a swag item that could serve as a trade show giveaway, a vendor gift, a prosptecting tool, and an employee incentive. She had encountered a lot of low-quality products in the swag marketplace, and wanted a high-quality item that could be fully customized. Sock Club's custom socks solved all of those problems! Our socks stood out because of the quality materials and design, but Ward was also impressed with the amount of creative ideas that we sent her way, as well as the responsiveness and knowledge of the Sock Club team.