Sock Club

Thinking outside of the socks.

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Sock Club

Thinking outside of the socks.

We are moving quickly to become the leading company for delivering experiences through well-designed socks. Through doing this, we have developed three core competencies: service, design, and pull-based manufacturing.

Those core competencies empower us to build a meaningful, lasting, and scalable company that has set out to change textiles forever. It is very possible that we will put a Sock Club sock on every foot in America. The retail landscape is shifting along with textile manufacturing, and we want to be the catalyst for that change.

How It Works

Custom socks are a great way to show off your brand in a unique way.
Because you probably aren’t a textile designer, we make it as easy as possible for you.

How Can Your Team Use Custom Socks?

We Are Invested In Our Clients' Success

Making socks for our clients means more than just getting their socks to them on time. For us, it means delivering excellent service, every step of the order process.

Want to learn more about our clients?
American Airlines

“Everyone at Sock Club makes the process easy and effortless. The team is engaged in the process and responsive to any & all inquiries. They will bend over backward to accommodate requests."

American Airlines

Kiva Confections

"What we particularly like about custom socks is that they’re something that everyone needs and enjoys... In my mind, the most compelling features of these socks are their practicality and not having to size them out as wearables.”

Abel Charrow, Kiva Confections

Our Company Culture

When Sock Club started, Dane and Noah (along with a few friends that were okay being paid in beer) did all the customer service, packed all of the subscriptions, and sourced all of the socks. 

When a few more people joined the team (this time with actual paychecks instead of beer), that same scrappy never-not-my-job attitude was instrumental to making sure that a few more people could join the team, and a few more people could get our socks.

In order to keep that start-up mentality and dedication to hard work while we scale the business and the team, we wrote down a few guiding principles for who we are as a company and as individuals.

A Look Inside
Our Sock Mills

With over 250 years of experience in American textile manufacturing, our production team knows everything there is to know about socks.

Learn more about our team, our facilities, and their history at our mills page.

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A Look Inside
Our Sock Mills

With over 250 years of experience in American textile manufacturing, our production team knows everything there is to know about socks.

Learn more about our team, our facilities, and their history at our mills page.

Meet the Team

Our philosophy behind growing our team is that we hire smart and creative people, and then find the right spot for them.

Want to learn more about how you can contribute to the team? Visit our careers page to see our current opportunities, or simply send us a resume and let’s talk about where you might be a good fit.

Sock Club Team
Socks Club
Giving Back

We make things. We are putting new things out into the world every day, so it is important that we are also giving back, to our community and on a global scale. Learn more about our initiatives to not only make things, but make things better at our Giving Back page.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sock Club is the #1 designer and manufacturer of custom socks! We originally started as a sock subscription company, but now we’ve grown into the custom sock space! Our custom socks are great as promotional items, brand development, corporate gifts, special events and so much more!

Austin,TX – The Live Music Capital of the World!

We have the fastest turnaround time, a full service design team that offers complimentary design, the comfiest socks and excellent customer service!

We make fully knitted socks that are woven together, using different colored yarn, to make a design. Like socks your grandma could have knit for you, but better!

Submit your contact information at the button below or email us directly at custom@sockclub.com.

You can email us at custom@sockclub.com or call us at 512-981-6437 to speak to real humans and not an automated robot. No offense to robots.

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What do you want to see on your socks?


We work with you to create amazing and unique branded socks!

Sock - Custom Face Socks


USA made face socks so you can show off your kids and your pets!

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Our account managers are standing by and happy to help with any pricing or design questions. The more specific, the better!

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We ship out samples using USPS First Class Mail. That means around 2-4 business days for US addresses and 1-2 weeks for international addresses.

Shoot us an email at custom@sockclub.com if you have any special requests or need a faster shipping method.