5 Tried and True Event Swag Ideas

Mallory Haines
January 11, 2024

From weddings to trade shows, nothing makes an event more memorable than adding a touch of swag.​ 

Swag or “stuff we all get,” is one of the best ways to thank your guests for being there, show off a sense of style, and create lasting memories.​ Per NY Post, 53% of Americans enjoy brand swag, and 51% use it regularly.

Here are five swag ideas that’ll make your event enjoyable, and your guests will love.​

1.​ Custom Socks

What’s better than branded socks as a treat for your guests? Our designers can create an eye-catching pair of swag socks with your logo, the event name or specific color scheme.

Want full creative control? Send over your design and we’ll be happy to bring it to life! Custom branded socks are a great option because guests can take them home to remind them of the special occasion.​ 

2.​ Gift Bags​ 

Gift bags are an excellent idea to thank your guests for being part of the celebration.​ Fill the bags with candies, popcorn or other snacks, small cards, or a coupon.​ If you’re planning a wedding, you can add a bottle of champagne or mini liquor bottles to spice up the bag.​

3.​ Unique Mementos 

A small trinket, like a keychain with a special design or figurine, can be a nice reminder of the event.​ Give your guests something unique to bring home and start conversations.​ Don’t forget to add your brand’s logo to the item; it will be a great way to promote it!

4.​ Reusable Tote Bags​ 

Let your guests carry around your message in style! Forget about the classic shopping bags and step up with custom totes featuring your logo or any cool designs that reflect the occasion.​ These will help your guests promote your brand, and for any green thinking attendees, fabric bags are better for the environment.​

5.​ Custom Koozie​ 

Koozies are a double win.​ They’ll keep your guests refreshed and they’ll look cool with a custom design featuring your logo and event name.​ You can find them in almost any color, and you can reuse them for other occasions like barbecues.

Make sure your swag stands out

Don’t forget to play around with colors and designs that fit the mood of your event.​ After all, your swag should be a memorable reflection of your celebration.​

Add a personalized touch

Create a unique hashtag that people can use to share pictures of your swag on social media – this will ensure your event is seen by many people.​ You can even put your guests’ names on some swag items, so they’ll walk away with a personalized thank you gift.​

Think outside the box

Give guests something that reflects the event’s theme, like a limited edition hat or a custom food item.​ Consider all possibilities – you don’t have to settle for the same generic swag everyone else is purchasing.​

Look for items that can generate conversation and hype around your event, such as limited edition pair of logo socks or personalized memorabilia.​ This can make your guests look forward to the event.​Karma cards or lottery tickets can also cause a buzz; your guest can exchange them with others, get their luck and contribute to the fun atmosphere.​

Although swag might not be considered a major expense, the details of it are important.​ Take the time to create items that’ll be memorable, so that those who attend your event will walk away with a great experience and will recommend your celebration to others.​

Let your swag speak for itself, and you’ll show your guests that you genuinely care.​ Start the simple process today by submitting your logo and letting our designers work their magic!

Mallory Haines
January 11, 2024