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Branding merchandise is more than just promotional material. It's a unique way to create company culture, engage with every audience, and increase brand awareness. But not all team swag is created equal. After all, how many pens, keychains, and tumblers can you really use?

That's where custom logo socks come in. They're the perfect way to show off your company's brand in a fun and unexpected way. And because they're something that people will actually wear, they're more likely to be seen and remembered.

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A rainbow of custom socks laid out showcasing different designs for Amazon, Microsoft, Sonic, and more

Custom Logo Socks: The Next Level of Corporate Swag

Cut through the clutter with your socks custom to your company and brand! Whether you're planning on custom socks with logo, company colors, a slogan, or art - these give away gifts are a unique opportunity to to get people excited and engaged with your brand! And because they're totally custom to you, they make for unique trade show giveaways to help you stand out!

Fun and custom crazy socks are all the rage, when someone walks away from your trade show booth or conference they'll be walking away with a piece of your brand and a memory of that time. When people look or wear your custom logo socks swag giveaway not only are they walking billboards for others but they also keep you top of mind for clients and prospects!

Work one-on-one with our professional design team to get free custom sock designs and see virtual options for designs that meet your trade show giveaways, conference swag, or give away gift needs. Send us your logo or thoughts to let Sock Club bring your best swag ideas to life!
Unlike pens, stress balls, or tote bags, you can never have enough socks. That's why they are incredibly useful conference mementos that won't end up in the trash, especially when you're gifting high quality custom socks. Your give away gifts are a reflection of your brand and company so it's important to invest in a product people will use, keep, and think fondly of!

That's why we specialize in creating custom knitted socks made out of the highest quality cotton all sourced and manufactured in the USA by our custom sock manufacturer facilities. From working with mom-and-pop brands all the way to Fortune 500 businesses, we've figured out what people get really excited about when it comes to receiving custom socks as conference giveaways. Learn more about our best-selling options and see what's right for you!
Everyone wears socks! Our custom socks are the best trade show giveaways and conference swag because of how versatile and universal they are. Our custom socks are unisex and offered in a one-size-fits-most option, so you don't have to worry about ages, genders, or sizing!

Plus because of the size and weight of socks they make for perfect trade show giveaways to hand-out, conference giveaways to place in a bag or kit, are simple and easy to ship office swag to event location, and lightweight give away gifts for recipients to take home with them!

We're obsessed with how great custom socks are, if you want to dive deeper you can learn more about custom socks other than as amazing conference gifts and unique trade show giveaways below!

Why Custom Socks for Company Swag?

6 reasons why...

Practical and Functional

Socks are practical and functional items that people can use every day. When people wear your custom socks, they will be reminded of your company and your message.

Be Remembered

Custom socks are a unique and memorable item of swag that can set your company apart from others. Socks are often overlooked as a promotional item, but they can be a creative and eye-catching way to promote your brand.


Custom socks can be produced in bulk at a reasonable price, making them a cost-effective option for companies looking to invest in branded swag.


Custom socks can be worn in a variety of settings and can complement different outfits. Whether it's in the office, at the gym, or even at home, custom socks are a versatile item that people can incorporate into their daily lives.

Branding Opportunities

Custom socks provide ample space to display your company's logo or branding, which can increase brand awareness and recognition. Socks can also be designed to match your company's colors or incorporate your brand's messaging, making them a great way to reinforce brand identity.

Brand Awareness

Custom socks are a cost-effective way to create brand awareness. Compared to other promotional items, such as t-shirts or hats, socks are relatively inexpensive to produce, and can be customized in a variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Client Spotlights

Learn How Companies Like Yours Have Used Custom Socks for Company Swag
Custom Socks for Unchained Capital Branded Company Swag and Event Giveaways with Logo

Unchained Capital

Unchained runs its own monthly meetups in Austin and Houston. Thanks to the consistent quality of content and attendees, they attract hundreds of bitcoiners not just from the area, but even from abroad. They also sponsor a number of high-profile conferences and hackathons. At these events, Unchained’s custom socks are always appreciated by attendees, and will often start some valuable conversations for their business development or hiring efforts.

When asked how they measure the ROI on their order they said, “We meticulously count the number of Twitter posts showing bitcoiners wearing the socks. Sorry, just kidding (although we do get a lot of those!). We simply love seeing people in the bitcoin community wear our gear.”“It’s a global but close-knit community, we see each other frequently at meetups and conferences, and we’re confident that our branded swag is a great way of spreading the word and generating goodwill. The socks are often a conversation starter and anyone wearing Unchained socks will typically be a big advocate of ours!”
Custom Socks for Marketing Architects Remote Employee Appreciation Gifts with Logo

Marketing Architects

Staying true to their mission of identifying unique opportunities to reach targeted audiences, Marketing Architects turned their focus inwards in search of a way to connect with members of their internal team despite their remote working separation. They landed on the idea of custom socks in their search for a solution that would be both fun and practical for employees.

What really sold them, however, was the unique opportunity to keep the physical element of company culture alive with a product that employees would be excited to wear and share. “Sock Club was able to customize socks with Marketing Architects branding, and the final product turned out amazing! The socks were a hit,” they said.

The enthusiasm provoked among employees upon receiving their custom socks gift better enabled the team to achieve their business goals–a profound reminder that the journey to growth and success often starts within. To businesses struggling to justify financial investment in internal affairs, Marketing Architects should serve as an excellent example of the invaluable ROI that can be generated when you dedicate resources to going the extra mile for your team.
Custom Socks for Cellino Law Branded Client Gifts and Employee Appreciation Gifts With Logo

Cellino Law

Ross Cellino was given free socks from a vendor, which then sparked the idea of using custom socks as an innovative promotional tool. They noticed that everyone has received branded pens, koozies, or notepads from companies, but they would always get lost or forgotten. This led them to find Sock Club!

Cellino Law said that Sock Club’s product offerings, easy process, and free design virtuals were all things that made the partnership a perfect fit. Custom socks have been a fun way for them to improve their client relations and increase brand awareness.“Each Cellino Law client receives a pair of custom branded socks along with some additional "swag bags". Believe it or not, people really appreciate a good pair of socks! This is a great, out-of-the-box way to remind your customer that you're around every time they wear the socks with your name on them. We will definitely be ordering more as soon as we run out! We appreciate the outstanding customer service your company provided.”

Why Sock Club?

We Make Custom Socks Fast and Easy and Here's Why:

Quick Turn Times

We get you fully custom, fully woven socks in only 5 days. We never charge rush fees, so we can probably beat that for free - just ask!

Lowest Minimums

Our 30 pair minimum for fully knitted custom socks is one of the lowest in the industry.

Made Locally

Our Flagship socks are 100% made in the USA, from the cotton that the yarn is made from to the boxes that they ship in.

No Hidden Fees

No setups, no rush fees, no design fees. Our pricing is easy and transparent, and you always get the best price.

Kitting and fulfillment

We’ve got in-house kitting and fulfillment services to take care of your client’s entire order from start to finish in just one PO.


You've got options: Whether you need socks in 5 days or socks for 5 dollars, we’ve got a sock for that. Any length, no show to knee high, full size range, Baby to Adult Large.

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Fast Facts About Company Swag

of people remember the name of a company that gave them a promotional product, and 83% are more likely to do business with that company.
of employees reported feeling more appreciated by their employer after receiving company swag, and 52% said they felt more proud to work for their company.
of consumers keep promotional products for more than a year, and 58% keep the items for more than four years.
of consumers reported having at least one promotional product in their workspace. Talk about being top of mind!

1. Custom Socks are Versatile

We offer a one-size-fits-most option which means you don't have to worry about ordering other sizes and they're unisex, which means you can order custom socks bulk for any audience no matter the gender (and even age)! We specialize in custom knitted socks that we make in the USA at our custom sock manufacturers facilities - so that means we only offer high quality custom socks that won't lose shape, colors, or softness overtime. People often know which are the "good socks" and "bad socks" in their drawers, and ours are great ones that will get worn over and over again!
Custom quarter crew socks for Google being worn by a young woman sitting at a picnic table outside
A box of custom socks being delivered quickly to a happy customer

2. Custom Socks are Fast and Easy

Sock Club is regarded as the best custom sock company in the USA and that's because not only are our socks the highest quality, but we also can get you custom socks fast. Our production turnaround time is only 5 days, our in-house design team can create custom sock designs in 1-2 days, and since we're in the USA, our shipping is just as quick also! Because socks are lightweight and compact, you can include them in any swag box, swag pack, or swag store without worry. They are not fragile to ship, they will never expire, and you can easily hand them out like business cards!

3. Custom Socks are for Everybody!

Socks are practical and useful, meaning your branded socks will get impression after impression from your target audience. Our unisex designs are great for any audience whether men or women or both and are sure to be worn again and again. And, they are much more original than any water bottles, stress balls or even wireless chargers. In today’s more casual society, funky socks have replaced funky ties, and cool sneakers have replaced high heels. Fun socks are the way that your prospects are expressing themselves, and a great way to incorporate your brand into their everyday life.
Custom quarter crew socks for Google being worn by a young woman sitting at a picnic table outside

Sock Club Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our custom sock design process? Or how to use custom socks for Company Swag? Look no further! We've got all the information you need to know right here, from designing your own socks to buying them in bulk.
What are custom socks used for company swag?
Custom socks are a unique and practical item that can be used for company swag. They can be customized with a company's logo or branding, making them a great way to promote the company and increase brand recognition. Custom socks can also be used as gifts for employees, customers, or clients, helping to build strong relationships and create a sense of community around the company.
What are the benefits of using custom socks for company swag?
Custom socks have several benefits when used for company swag. They are unique and practical items that people are likely to use and appreciate, which can increase brand recognition and loyalty. Custom socks can also be customized with a company's branding or logo, making them a great way to promote the company and create a sense of community around the brand. Additionally, custom socks can be used as gifts for employees or clients, helping to build solid relationships and show appreciation.
How can custom socks be customized for a company's brand?
Custom socks can be customized for a company's brand in several ways. The most common way is to add your company's logo and branding to the socks. Your company's logo or branding can be added to the toe, heel, or the entire sock. Custom socks can also be made in the company's brand colors, making them easily recognizable and associated with the brand. Additionally, custom socks can be designed with specific patterns or imagery that reflects your company's brand message or values. The customization options for custom socks are virtually endless! This allows you to create unique and memorable swag items that effectively promote your brand.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom socks for company swag?
We have a low minimum order quantity of only 30 pairs for our most popular custom socks, Cotton Crew: Flagship and Cotton Athletic Crew. All of our other Made in USA custom socks have a low minimum of only 60 pairs. We do have overseas options to save on costs that have a higher minimum order quantity, like Cotton Crew: Choice and Cotton Crew: Economy.
What is the turnaround time for custom socks for company swag?
We have the best and fastest quick-turn custom socks in the market, at only 5 days for our Made in USA custom sock options. We can also rush your order at no extra cost. Our Cotton Crew: Choice and Cotton Crew: Economy socks take a bit longer because they are made overseas, but they are an excellent option for low-cost custom socks.
What sizes are available for custom socks?
We have a full size range for custom socks, from Baby socks to Adult Large. Almost all of our clients order our Adult Medium, because it is a One Size Fits Most option that fits Women’s Size 6 - Men’s Size 11. That’s the great thing about custom socks - you don’t have to worry about a full size range within one order like you do for custom t-shirts.
Can I request specific packaging for my custom socks?
Absolutely! We offer a variety of custom packaging solutions, depending on what your needs and budget are. We can customize our header card and middle wrap to feature your logo if you are giving away your socks in bulk. If you are sending your order to individuals on a mailing list, we can create custom mailer boxes for you as well and send them out to your list for you.
Can I get a sample of my custom socks before placing a larger order?
Absolutely! We can produce a sample of your design before you order for $175, which is credited to your final order when you place it. If you do not want to pay for a pre-production sample, we can send you a sample of our past work so that you can see yarn colors in person and feel the quality of the socks with the logo.

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