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Looking for unique custom swag? Design your custom logo socks now! Your company custom branded socks will be the surefire win to engage and excite your team!

Whether it be a swag bag, swag pack, swag box, or loose team swag in the office- branding merchandise for your corporate needs is more than just promo. It's a unique way to create company culture, engage with every audience and increase your brand awareness! But not all team swag is created equal, I'm sure you've received your commonplace pens, keychains and tumblers- and what people want is the latest and greatest to excite them! That's where custom logo socks come in!

Those common place branding merchandise will end up in a junk drawer or worse a trash can, never to be seen again, and companies know this which is why there is more and more investment in higher quality swag gear, more unique swag ideas, and general corporate merch. We see that especially with startup swag and tech swag as building company culture is a major part of engaging great talent!

With all that being said that's why so many people are turning to Sock Club, and why we have become a go-to swag company or favorite corporate swag vendors because custom socks with logo are a stand-out! Not only are they unique swag ideas, they're also incredibly unique because of how customized the socks can be. From stripes, to logo, to art, to portraits, to landscapes all being part of the custom sock design - truly you are only limited by your imagination (and brand guidelines). Our custom socks check all the boxes of great swag gear!

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Top 3 Reasons Socks Are The Best Branded Products

1. Custom Socks are Versatile

We offer a one-size-fits-most option which means you don't have to worry about ordering other sizes and they're unisex, which means you can order custom socks bulk for any audience no matter the gender (and even age)! We specialize in custom knitted socks that we make in the USA at our custom sock manufacturers facilities - so that means we only offer high quality custom socks that won't lose shape, colors, or softness overtime. People often know which are the "good socks" and "bad socks" in their drawers, and ours are great ones that will get worn over and over again!

2. Custom Socks are Fast and Easy

Sock Club is regarded as the best custom sock company in the USA and that's because not only are our socks the highest quality, but we also can get you custom socks fast. Our production turnaround time is only 5 days, our in-house design team can create custom sock designs in 1-2 days, and since we're in the USA, our shipping is just as quick also! Because socks are lightweight and compact, you can include them in any swag box, swag pack, or swag store without worry. They are not fragile to ship, they will never expire, and you can easily hand them out like business cards!

3. Custom Socks are for Everybody!

Socks are practical and useful, meaning your branded socks will get impression after impression from your target audience. Our unisex designs are great for any audience whether men or women or both and are sure to be worn again and again. And, they are much more original than any water bottles, stress balls or even wireless chargers. In today’s more casual society, funky socks have replaced funky ties, and cool sneakers have replaced high heels. Fun socks are the way that your prospects are expressing themselves, and a great way to incorporate your brand into their everyday life.

Learn How Companies Like Yours Have Used Custom Socks for Company Swag

Unchained Capital custom socks

Unchained Capital

Unchained runs its own monthly meetups in Austin and Houston. Thanks to the consistent quality of content and attendees, they attract hundreds of bitcoiners not just from the area, but even from abroad. They also sponsor a number of high-profile conferences and hackathons. At these events, Unchained’s custom socks are always appreciated by attendees, and will often start some valuable conversations for their business development or hiring efforts. When asked how they measure the ROI on their order they said, “We meticulously count the number of Twitter posts showing bitcoiners wearing the socks. Sorry, just kidding (although we do get a lot of those!). We simply love seeing people in the bitcoin community wear our gear.” “It’s a global but close-knit community, we see each other frequently at meetups and conferences, and we’re confident that our branded swag is a great way of spreading the word and generating goodwill. The socks are often a conversation starter and anyone wearing Unchained socks will typically be a big advocate of ours!”

Marketing Architects custom socks

Marketing Architects

Staying true to their mission of identifying unique opportunities to reach targeted audiences, Marketing Architects turned their focus inwards in search of a way to connect with members of their internal team despite their remote working separation. They landed on the idea of custom socks in their search for a solution that would be both fun and practical for employees. What really sold them, however, was the unique opportunity to keep the physical element of company culture alive with a product that employees would be excited to wear and share. “Sock Club was able to customize socks with Marketing Architects branding, and the final product turned out amazing! The socks were a hit,” they said. The enthusiasm provoked among employees upon receiving their custom socks gift better enabled the team to achieve their business goals–a profound reminder that the journey to growth and success often starts within. To businesses struggling to justify financial investment in internal affairs, Marketing Architects should serve as an excellent example of the invaluable ROI that can be generated when you dedicate resources to going the extra mile for your team.

Celino Law custom socks

Cellino Law

Ross Cellino was given free socks from a vendor, which then sparked the idea of using custom socks as an innovative promotional tool. They noticed that everyone has received branded pens, koozies, or notepads from companies, but they would always get lost or forgotten. This led them to find Sock Club! Cellino Law said that Sock Club’s product offerings, easy process, and free design virtuals were all things that made the partnership a perfect fit. Custom socks have been a fun way for them to improve their client relations and increase brand awareness. “Each Cellino Law client receives a pair of custom branded socks along with some additional "swag bags". Believe it or not, people really appreciate a good pair of socks! This is a great, out-of-the-box way to remind your customer that you're around every time they wear the socks with your name on them. We will definitely be ordering more as soon as we run out! We appreciate the outstanding customer service your company provided.”

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