5 Ways to Include Corporate Swag For Your Next Event

Kara Boatner
January 11, 2024

With corporate events taking off more and more in the present day, presenting your brand in an exciting way is a must.

There is no clearer way to demonstrate this than through corporate swag.​ From promotional tote bags to custom socks, swag is an efficient way to leave an impactful and memorable impression for your guests.​ It's an exciting way to engage participants in the culture of the event and get them excited about the activities ahead.​

Corporate swag is an effective means to enhance brand awareness and visibility, with nearly 68% of businesses prioritizing it in their corporate gifting efforts. The key to making great custom swag is making sure that it captures the essence of the corporate event, and it can be useful and attractive.​ Here are 5 creative ways to incorporate corporate swag into your next event:

1.​ Giveaways 

One of the most appealing elements of swag is to be able to give it away to participants.​ Drawing excitement from participants while they wait to see what type of swag they take away with them can be a great way to make your event unforgettable.​ Custom socks and hats of high-quality material are great items to give away.​

2.​ Bags of Goodies 

Everybody loves getting free stuff, so why not treat your guests to a goodie bag filled with stuff related to your company, while also creating lots of buzz around your event.​ These bags can give away anything from stickers, water bottles, coupons, or leaflets with important announcements.

3.​ Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to thank your guests for their presence and service.​ Offer a gift card that customers can redeem on almost any of your company's products or services. This will make them feel appreciated and special.​

4.​ Create Monograms 

Monograms are a great way to show off your company's logo and brand while creating something that will stand out from other event swag.​ Create monograms of the logo that you can give away or put up for sale at a discounted rate.​

5.​ Special Edition Apparel

Create unique apparel for your event or company giveaway.​ From custom shirts to socks, pants and sweatpants, create your own unique style and show off your company's values.​ Special edition apparel shows that your company is not afraid to try something new and show what it's really about.​

For those who have never incorporated corporate swag into their events before, these five creative ideas should give you the motivation to give it a try! With a little bit of research, creativity, and effort, you can come up with an even wider array of items or activities that will help to make your next event the talk of the town.​

Elevating unique corporate swag

Creating a unique stamp or badge that your guests can wear on their bags or clothing can be a great way to draw attention to your event.​ Making a photo wallpaper or album with pictures of your event can also spark a lot of interest and add a touch of uniqueness to your event.​ 

Add a DIY station

Another idea is to create and put up a station where guests can make cards, crafts, or even custom painted t-shirts with materials related to your company and event.​ These creative tactics can help capture the attention of your guests and give them something to remember your event by.​

Invest in quality custom merchandise

You can opt for other types of custom items such as socks with your company's logo, stationery, custom engraved key chains, and more. You can adapt many other alternatives to suit any type of event. Company swag can set your event apart from others and provide your guests with a fun, unique experience.​

Add a sense of competition 

Sponsoring popular games such as cornhole or giant Jenga and offer a unique reward such as a custom prize for the winner.​ This type of incentive can add a bit of extra competition to your games, encouraging more competition and buzz around the event.​

Elevate your event with branded swag for a memorable impact! Get creative and have fun designing the perfect swag pack. Start the process today by uploading your logo and receiving your free custom sock designs!

Kara Boatner
January 11, 2024