Appreciate Your Team With These 8 Corporate Gift Ideas

Kara Boatner
July 12, 2024

Corporate gifts can show your gratitude to your employees, motivate staff, increase team morale, and even attract new talent.​ 

Giftsenda projects that the corporate gifting market, currently valued at $242 billion, will reach $306 billion by 2024. Recognizing the significance of employee gifting, business owners seek valuable items for their programs.

Here are 10 creative corporate gift ideas that can make your team feel appreciated.​ 

1.​ Gift ideas personalized for your team.​ 

Personalize your team's gifts to show you understand your employees and recognize their individual efforts.​ A customized mug, pair of socks, special notebook, or other item that includes a thank you message can make a big impression.​ 

Pro tip: For further customization with knitted socks, personalize your header card to display a unique message on corporate gifts for employees!

2.​ Unexpected streetwear.​ 

Streetwear may not be a traditional corporate gift, but it is a thoughtful way to show appreciation.​ When selecting streetwear styles, try to find designs that are classic and timeless to make sure your gift will remain valuable for years to come.​ Our cotton athletic crew socks are the perfect complement to any streetwear look!

3.​Organic beauty products.​ 

Send organic beauty products to your team to let them care for themselves and make them feel special.​ Look for gift sets with multiple products from reputable brands to curate the perfect self care kit. 

4.​ Subscription boxes.​ 

Gifting a subscription box is a great way to show your appreciation, as it will give your employees a thoughtful gift each month that reminds them of your company.​ Be sure to pick out the appropriate box for their interests, lifestyle, and needs.​ 

5.​ Internal skills courses.​ 

Treat your staff to a course on a skill of their choice.​ This could be anything from an Excel course to a public speaking course.​ Not only will this be appreciated, it will also help to boost employee productivity and knowledge.​ 

6.​ Signature cocktails.​ 

Send signature cocktails to make your team feel appreciated.​ Design your own drink recipes or curate them from local bars for a thoughtful team gift idea.​ 

7.​ Corporate spa vouchers.​ 

Thank your team for their hard work with a corporate spa voucher that they can use to relax and de-stress.​ Look for massage vouchers or a spa day package for true pampering.​ 

8.​ Sustainable gifts.​ 

Sustainable gifts like bamboo or reclaimed wood items are both stylish and eco-friendly.​ These options show that you care about the environment and your team – a win-win.​ 

Part two

1.​ Time off.​ 

Show you value your team's hard work by giving them extra time off.​ This could be an extra day off for the whole team, or offer specific time frames that can be used for personal errands or to spend time with family.​ 

2.​ Company logo items.​ 

Give team members items with the company logo, like mugs or custom socks.​ This not only shows them how appreciated they are but will also help spread the word about the company.​ 

3.​ Monetary bonuses.​ 

Monetary bonuses are an excellent corporate holiday gift, especially if they received a promotion or worked extra hard that year.​ Be generous and make sure the bonus is commensurate to their efforts.​ 

4.​ Free lunches.​ 

Send out lunch boxes to your team once a month.​ Include items like salads, sandwiches, and fresh fruits to make the gift extra special.​ 

5.​ Special treats for families.​ 

Give a special treat to your staff's families to show your gratitude.​ This could be a trip or a gift basket with food and treats.​ We always recommend the tasty treats from Sofia’s cookies, they're the perfect addition to corporate Christmas gifts!

sofias cookies personalized employee gift

Part three

1.​ Subscriptions to streaming services.​ 

Give your team access to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO so they can take a break and watch something with family.​ 

2.​ Membership to leisure clubs.​ 

Treat your team members with membership passes to leisure clubs like gyms or studios for activities.​ This will inspire them to stay healthy and have a positive mental attitude.​ 

3.​ Local experiences.​ 

Show your team how special they are with a local experience like an outdoor adventure, a museum, or a special event.​ Team gift ideas that foster shared experiences can help promote a healthy and positive work culture!

4.​ Group outings.​ 

Surprise your team with a group outing to help them bond and build relationships.​ This could be ice-skating, a picnic, or a team-building exercise.​