Company Culture Examples: 13 Companies Who Get It Right

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March 21, 2024

The following are examples of great company culture at companies that have proven themselves with employee retention. The hope is that by following these steps, your top talent will consider working for these companies as they look to replace retiring executives. 

The Knot Worldwide

The Knot Worldwide’s family of brands is all about supporting people at different stages of their lives, from weddings, to starting a family, and much more. Therefore, it is important to them that their culture mirrors that. 

They describe their benefits and perks in this way: “We believe in a wide range of holistic offerings to support our employees so that they can live our values day in and day out. From mental wellbeing, physical health and financial planning, to engaging perks and discounts, we are in the business of celebrating and supporting the Moments That Matter both in and out of the “office.” We offer flexible vacation, generous parental leave and prioritize initiatives that support the growth, development and happiness of our people.”

Positive company culture example, The Knot Worldwide, staff enjoying a lunch together, laughing in a company cafeteria

Photo credit: The Knot Worldwide


​​Trimble is an industrial technology company that connects the physical and digital worlds to help solve complex industry challenges around the world. Their website describes their work culture environment as a “safe space where you can be yourself and achieve your potential.” 

Because the company works with so many different industries (agriculture, construction, forestry, infrastructure, etc.), the company has a variety of different career paths that employees can take throughout their tenure, extending the average length of their employment and developing a learning culture. 

Reviews from former employees on Indeed include one from a help technician who states: “Awesome company to work for, fair pay, awesome benefits, and my management team was always awesome and listened to employee suggestions.”

A woman of color leading a meeting from the Diversity and Inclusion initiative at Trimble

Photo credit: Trimble


ZipRecruiter is in the business of attracting top talent, so they know strong company culture is important to job seekers when looking for a new employment opportunity that they can call home. In fact, 96% of employees at ZipRecruiter say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company (Great Place to Work). 

Peer-to-peer employee recognition is one of the things that keeps team members at the company. In 2014, when ZipRecruiter was experiencing a rapid period of growth and needed to keep employees engaged and happy with a culture change plan, they implemented a Bonusly program to encourage employees to recognize each other on a daily basis. 

In 2020, Bonusly reported that in the six years since ZipRecruiter launched the program, “ZipRecruiter employees have recognized each other over 250,000 times, maintaining a consistent 90% participation rate.”

Two men and one woman looking over work documents in a modern office setting

Photo credit: ZipRecruiter

Capital One

Capital One has implemented the "Onederful Recognition Program" to show appreciation for their associates. It works by providing "Spot Awards" as a way to thank those who have achieved the company's goals, followed their values, or gone beyond and above in their work. 

These awards have a value of 15-10,000 points and can be exchanged for gifts, gift cards, or direct cash payment through payroll. Every time an associate receives a Spot Award, they are also sent a message of gratitude from the individual who nominated them. This recognition has created an organizational culture focused on small individual contributions as well as big team wins.

Two parents and their adopted child that benefitted from the adoptive parent support at Capital One

Photo credit: Capital One


Zappos is widely acclaimed not just for the shoes it offers, but also for its company culture programs. So, what does that culture look like?

The selection procedure begins with a cultural fit interview, which holds as much value as any other interview for the candidate to be hired. Furthermore, new employees are given a $2,000 bonus if they choose to leave during the initial week of training because they are not a good fit. All personnel are taught ten core values and their pay hikes are based on their aptitude and skills, instead of office politics. Moreover, a portion of the budget is allocated for team building and culture promotion.

Zappos provides job satisfaction and a fun workplace, which ensures that customers are content - once you have the culture right, great customer service and a remarkable brand will emerge without difficulty.

The team at Zappos in their office celebrating a pool party themed event

Photo credit: Zappos

American Express

In recent years, there has been a noticeable focus on conversations concerning mental health in the workplace. American Express has a Grief and Loss Support program in place to enhance their workplace culture, which supplies employees with one-on-one counseling from qualified specialists as well as a range of resources to help them handle their grief.


To recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, the company presented a new campaign: "Here for You. Here for Each Other." Its goal was to make self-care normal by offering webinars, blog articles, and materials, such as dialog points for senior management. The Healthy Minds therapists were also available to give group counseling sessions for teams who wanted to create a secure atmosphere for open discussion.

The promotional material for American Express' "Make Space" initiative on a background that shows a calm blue ocean

Photo credit: American Express

Southwest Airlines

The airline sector is commonly joked about for having grouchy personnel and bad consumer service, however Southwest Airlines is an exemption. Individuals who are faithful to Southwest usually point out to pleasant and hospitable staff members who strive to help. 

Southwest is no novice at this. It has been in service for the past 43 years. Despite all the time that has passed, the company has been able to get their objectives and aspirations across to their employees in such a way that it makes them feel part of one united team and employee experience. 

Southwest also allows their staff to take the additional step to make their customers content, giving them the power to do whatever is required to meet the goal.

Southwest employees in blue t-shirts showcasing the brand's logo with their arms around each other shot from behind

Photo credit: Southwest Airlines


This hugely successful startup is constantly acknowledged as one of the best employers in New York City. Its company culture is described as "flat, open, and creative", which are ideal words to describe company culture. This type of organization has very few or no hierarchical levels between employees and executives. It is a common practice among startups, but as a business expands, it is not always easy to uphold. 

SquareSpace also provides a wide range of advantages and extras, including 100% coverage of health insurance premiums, flexible vacation plans, a great working environment, provided meals, well-stocked kitchens, frequent celebrations, relaxation areas, and guest lecturers. 

Benefits like these can certainly contribute to a positive workplace culture, but they are not the only element. Effective leadership and direct access to management are also essential elements to defining organizational culture.

The SquareSpace office in New York, showing the modern black and white cafeteria with a variety of happy employees eating lunch

Photo credit: SquareSpace

Alston & Bird

A lot of people feel intimidated when it comes to financial literacy, but helping out staff members in making fiscal decisions can lessen their emotional tension and lead to better overall health and involvement in the workplace. Alston & Bird's "Financial Wellness Month" provides an extensive array of direct instruction, from basic money matters to retirement planning that considers age. 

They also organize investment education seminars on a quarterly basis, teaching attendants the value of saving for retirement, the benefits of saving in a retirement plan and how to pick appropriate investments. Classes are tailored with certain goals for people from different fiscal backgrounds and for certain groups such as those who are about to retire or people just beginning their professional life.

The Alston + Bird team from Atlanta in light blue t-shirts after running a non-profit race together

Photo credit: Alston & Bird Atlanta Facebook


Airbnb has come up with a unique workspace inspired by the real-life listings on their platform. Conference rooms are made to look like actual Airbnb properties, such as log cabins, modern dining rooms, and Airstream trailers. 

People at the company are free to work anywhere they choose, and they are encouraged to switch desks each day to meet new colleagues and collaborate. Photographs of Airbnb customers and hosts are hung in the corridors, and there is also a display of works by local artists that changes regularly. 

There is no traditional "President's Office" as such, so any employee can make use of the restored office from 1918. 

This type of workspace is intended to enhance collaboration, creativity, and wellbeing, while helping employees to live out the company's mission of helping people feel like they belong anywhere.

The AirBnB office at their headquarters in San Francisco is designed to be open and feature different types of rooms like their different properties

Photo credit: AirBnB

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

When introducing a new employee, the onboarding process is mainly focused on completing the necessary tasks. However, having a human element to it can create a sense of belonging and allow individuals to express themselves in the workplace. 

At Kimpton, the onboarding starts with a Personal Preference Profile (PPP). This includes a range of questions that may range from simple to more in-depth, such as leisure activities, favorite foods, or something that people may not expect to learn about them. 

The aim is to promote the company's core value of individuality, allowing each employee to showcase their identity, opinions and creativity. With the PPPs, Kimpton can have a better understanding of the individual, creating an environment that values and celebrates the uniqueness of its staff.

Two chefs in a kitchen at a Kimpton property laughing in a kitchen with their arms around each other

Photo credit: IHG and Kimpton Hotels


Patagonia allows their personnel to take a break and go surfing when the conditions are ideal, even if it is during office hours. The company has confidence in its products and what better way to display this than to have their own staff use them? 

This system also helps to "re-energize the mind" by motivating employees to take part in activities in the outdoors, which helps them to have a stronger conviction in the goods they are selling. People will recognize the commitment of the staff.

Patagonia is a great example of a positive work culture. Their employees are passionate about their products and are given the freedom to show their individuality. This autonomy over their jobs makes them more likely to stay with the company for many years.

Am employee outside of the Patagonia office getting in his truck and taking a break from work to go surfing

Photo credit: Patagonia


Zoom is likely the most prominent video conferencing platform, servicing from minor businesses to renowned Fortune 500 companies. Nevertheless, it is their staff that makes their fast expansion sustainable. Zoom puts the satisfaction of their employees first, which makes it one of their primary goals as a firm.

To build solidarity, they routinely organize parties to honor minor successes and they even invite remote employees to join in on the festivities whenever they can. Furthermore, all new hires are expected to attend training at the company's headquarters to guarantee that they comprehend and feel associated with its culture right away.

What makes their remarkable corporate culture extraordinary is their commitment to every employee's growth and development. They motivate their workers to pursue their passions and try to learn more about them on a personal level. Furthermore, they take the time to get to know their employees' families and develop friendships with them.

Even with speedy development, enlargement, and change, Zoom has never lost sight of their employees' happiness.

A group of Zoom employees in Zoom t-shirts in a blue conference room waving at the camera

Photo credit: Work It Daily

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March 21, 2024