5 Reasons Why Company Swag Is Worth Every Penny

Kara Boatner
July 12, 2024

Here are 5 reasons why investing in corporate swag can be worth every penny.​ 

Company merchandise helps spread brand visibility

Implementing corporate swag with your logo on it goes a long way in creating an unforgettable impression.​ Through effective swag promotion, your brand and logo are likely to reach many people and is an effective way to advertise your business.​ From socks, mugs, and even branded pens, you can create a lasting impression with your potential customers.​ 

Provides employees with an extra motivation boost

Rewarding your hardworking employees with branded merchandise shows that you truly appreciate the hard work that they have put in.​ Gifting items such as personalized corporate swag to your employees can also enhance team spirit while elevating morale - something everyone can appreciate.​ 

As per research conducted by Boxaroo, 93% of employees said company swag makes them feel connected to their brand and teammates. The more employee engagement and sense of community, the more likely team members are to sport their swag and bring in more business!

Great way for customers to remember your brand

With so much competition out there, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd.​ Corporate swag allows you to solidify your brand and recognition.​ Showing customers you value their loyalty and have a memorable gift to thank them for their patronage may keep your business in their minds long after they have left the office.​ 

Corporate swag can increase your company's visibility at events​ 

Going to a networking event? Taking advantage of corporate swag can go a long way in making the most of your presence.​ When you hand out items like socks and tote bags with your company logo on them, they can become walking billboards, promoting your brand in the process! 

Helps make a great impression with partners and sponsors

Corporate swag is a great way to thank corporate sponsors for their support.​ While it is important to thank sponsors and partners for their help, nothing says thank you more than personalized corporate swag that represents your company.​ 

In conclusion, investing in corporate swag can be worth every penny if done right.​ Not only does it help promote and boost your brand, it also helps increase customer loyalty and employee motivation.​ It can also help increase your visibility at events and offers a great way to thank sponsors and partners.​ 

Maximizing the ROI of Corporate Swag

One way to determine the ROI of corporate swag is to examine the cost associated with it.​ The cost of corporate swag can vary depending on the item and quantity.​ It is important to research various providers to find the ones that offer the most competitive prices for high-quality items.​ Additionally, setting a budget for your corporate swag is another way to determine whether it makes sense financially for your business.​ 

Choose a practical promotional item

Another way to make investing in corporate swag worth every penny is to focus on practical items.​ You want to make sure the corporate swag you offer has value to the people that receive it.​ Items that are practical, meaningful, and are associated with your company’s image are important.​ Things that are of little use can quickly be discarded and those impressions will be lost.​ 

Focus on quality

It is also important to focus on quality when selecting corporate swag.​ Make sure to look for items that are created with the highest quality materials and made to last.​ This ensures that people will appreciate and use the items associated with your brand and can help build your brand.​ 

Take advantage of creative promotions

Finally, a great way to make sure investing in corporate swag is worth every penny is to be creative.​ Think of creative ways to promote and distribute your corporate swag.​ 

For example, offering discounts when customers show items with your logo or offering a free item with purchase are great ideas.​ This will create a demand for the corporate swag and ensure your business’ ROI.​ 

In summary, investing in corporate swag that is appropriate and targeted to your customers is a great way to boost your ROI.​ Being mindful of cost, quality, practicality, and creativity will ensure that your corporate swag is worth every penny.​ With the appropriate strategy and tactics, you can make corporate swag a long term and successful investment for your business.​ 

Additional Benefits of Company Swag

Effective for bringing in new customers

It is a great way to offer a small incentive to customers to get them to try something new.​ Additionally, complementary items like t-shirts, sunglasses, water bottles and more are an excellent way of saying thank you to loyal customers or special agents.​ 

Works well for increasing brand loyalty

People are much more likely to return if they are rewarded for their loyalty.​ A branded t-shirt, a coffee mug, or any other corporate swag can be a great way to reward loyal customers and thank them for their business.​ It can also have a long-term impact and show your customers you appreciate their business and want to reward them for their port.​ 

Creates an impact

Providing customers with a sample of the product or an item related to your service in a custom branded box with your logo on it will make sure your message is clear.​ Logo merchandise will also help you create a long lasting impression in your customers’ minds.​ 

Investing in corporate swag is a great way to create a memorable impact on customers, agents, and partners.​ By creating the right impression and providing quality swag, you can be assured that your investment is worth every penny.​ 

Successful Corporate Swag Musts

Remember to customize corporate swag to your target audience.​ Focus on recipients’ needs and make sure your swag meets their expectations.​ Consider age, lifestyle and interests of your target audience when creating your corporate swag.​ 

In addition, pay attention to the quality of the products used and make sure the items you select are useful and represent your brand.​ 

When used correctly, company swag can be a great way to build brand reputation, increase visibility, and create an unbeatable impression.​ Corporate swag can also help build relationships with loyal customers and reward them for their patronage.​ 

Creating an effective corporate swag strategy is also an important aspect of ensuring an ROI.​ Developing a creative and comprehensive strategy is essential to make sure the swag you choose is well-suited for your company’s objectives.​ 

In short, investing in corporate swag can be well worth the expense if done right.​ Taking the time to understand your target audience, customize swag to their needs and preferences, and create creative campaigns will help ensure an ROI for your company.​ Focusing on quality, practicality, and timing will help make your corporate swag campaign a resounding success.​