How Much Yarn Does One Pair of Custom Socks Use, on Average?

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January 10, 2024

The answer to this question is quite complex, as there are many different factors that can affect the amount of yarn used in a pair of socks. Including, but not limited to, the type of yarn the sock factory uses, the weight and thickness of the yarn, if they are custom printed socks or knitted, and even the size and shape of your feet play a role.

How your socks are designed can also impact how much yarn is needed. Depending on the sock style, complexity of the design, and amount/types of colors, the amount of yarn required will differ.

The History of Socks

Person wearing grey knitted socks and a brown sandal on one foot

The first types of socks were made from animal skins and matted hair. Later on, the Romans would wrap their feet in strips of leather or woven fabric- definitely not the comfiest. Around the 2nd Century AD the Romans began sewing pieces of fabric together making fitted socks, called ‘udones’ and they are the first socks that resemble what we wear today.

Different Types of Socks

Person wearing white Google branded socks with red, green, blue, and yellow stripes

There are a variety of socks, including dress socks, athletic socks, custom photo socks, wool socks, knee-high socks, custom face socks, quarter-length socks, ankle socks, etc. You can even design custom socks!

Different types of socks were created to serve various purposes. Cushion and compression socks are fantastic for keeping feet comfortable and supported when exercising, and wool socks are perfect to keep your feet warm in the colder months.

The most common type of sock is ankle socks. They are usually made out of cotton and can be found in a variety of colors. Both men and women wear ankle socks, and they are popular to wear when exercising and running. 

One of the newer styles that have recently been trending, is the quarter-length crew sock. These are halfway between an ankle sock and a crew sock, having a 0.75-inch cuff. These are very popular for golfers and younger adults who want to show off some style without having too much fabric.

There is also the best-selling flagship cotton crew sock which is a type of sock that goes up to your calf and right below the knee area. Crew socks are mainly made of cotton, nylon, or wool and typically have a ribbed cuff at the top.

How much yarn goes into making a sock depends on the length of the sock. The longer they are, the more material they require.

However, the average length of a pair of socks is about 12 inches.

Criteria Needed for Yarn Length for Socks

White spools of cotton for custom socks

The length of the yarn during sock manufacturing depends on the size of the sock being produced. The bigger the sock, the longer the yarn required. The three main categories that determine the yarn length is:

  1. Thickness or weight of the yarn
  2. The density of the fabric
  3. Stitch pattern (cables, ribbing, lace, etc.)

How Much Yarn Does One Pair of Socks Use?

Blue spools of white yarn used for making custom socks with logos

Revisiting our initial question after understanding the history of socks and the different types of socks, the answer is not straightforward. After considering the number of factors that go into producing a pair of socks, you can see why. 

It isn't easy to ascertain the exact amount of yarn needed for any given sock. The weight, thickness, and size all play a part in determining how much yarn will be required. Plus, the size of the yarn and the size of the knitting machines will also affect how much yarn is needed to make a sock.

Yet, our best rough estimate would be about 60 meters or 200 yards for a pair of socks knit from worsted-weight wool on size five needles.

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Sock Club
January 10, 2024