How To Expedite Your Designs In Your User Account

Sock Club
January 10, 2024

When we started making custom socks, it took us 45 days to make an order of socks with your logo on them. We thought that was too long. So we made it 30 days. Then 20 days. Then 15 days. Then 7 days. Now, we are at 5 days.

Speed is an integral part of our entire process, not just in the quick turnaround time for production of our custom socks. We aim to be the fastest in the industry in everything from our email response time to your custom sock designs. 

We created our user account system to speed up the ordering process for all of our users. With this new feature, we have made our already speedy design process even faster! When you request new sock designs through your user account, you can easily rush your designs to get them even faster.

How To Expedite Your Designs In Your User Account

How To Expedite Your Designs In Your User Account

Step 1: Sign in to your Sock Club user account..

Click the login button on the top right corner of your screen to log in, or, to create a new account, visit our create an account page.

Log in to your Sock Club user account

Step 2: Click on the plus sign to request a new set of sock designs.

Once you have logged in to your account, you will see your user account dashboard. We have conveniently made the design page the home screen to your account, since that is the feature you will use the most.

Click on the grey plus sign in the first tile that is labeled “Add New Sock Design.” A modal window will pop up that will prompt you to take the next step.

Your user account dashboard showing how you add a new sock design

Step 3: Easily rush your designs with the click of a button.

There will be two options that come up on the modal window once you have clicked the grey plus button: “Get Free Designs” or “Build Your Own.” In order to get new sock designs from our in-house team of designers, click the “Get Free Designs” square.

The Get Free Designs button in the modal that pops up when you request a new sock design

Once the next screen pops up, input any design direction that you want to give our design team into the text box. This could be direction about when exactly you need your designs, what you are using your custom socks for, or what yarn colors you want our team to use.

Then, upload your logo by clicking on the upload button to the right of the text box. We prefer vector format logos if possible, but any file will do to create designs. We will need a print-ready logo file in order to print your custom packaging.

Finally, click the checkbox next to the words “Need your designs in 24 hours?” This will move your request forward in the queue so that your project will get priority treatment.

The check box in the modal button where you rush your sock designs when you request them

Are there other ways to design custom socks?

Absolutely! You can use one of our sock design templates, which you can download here. Please read the instructions included in the downloaded file before beginning, and remember that our team is always available to answer any questions that you may have as you get into your design.

You can also get instant designs when you upload your logo and design your own socks through our DIY 3D Custom Sock Builder. You can see more on how to use that tool in our How To Guide: How To Use Sock Club's Online Custom Sock Designer.