How To Increase Retention with Corporate Gifts for Employees

David Harper
January 10, 2024

Every organization needs employees to improve its productivity and render services to clients. However, it is more difficult to retain team members and keep them productive than it is to hire them.

For businesses to be successful, you need to hire and retain the right set of people for a long time. To retain them, you can send small employee appreciation gifts showing your employees how grateful you are for their efforts towards the organization.

This staff appreciation gift should be one that can be utilized by everybody company-wide and can be used as gifts for remote employees too. One gift that ticks all these boxes is custom logo socks.

In this article, we will discuss a few steps to help you increase employee engagement and retention with employee recognition gifts.

Create a culture of recognition and continuous feedback.

Creating a culture where your employees feel recognized for their contributions by gifting them corporate gift boxes is one of the ways to increase retention. These appreciation gifts for employees are a great way to show employees that they are seen and heard within the organization.

Why is continuous feedback important for employee retention?

Regular feedback is important to help employees stay happy and continue working at a company. Here's why: It makes them feel good about their job, helps them understand what's expected, and gives them a chance to talk about their career goals. 

Feedback also helps them talk openly with their boss, which can solve problems and prevent them from leaving. When employees get recognized for their hard work and can grow in their job, they're more likely to stay. Plus, giving feedback helps a company save money because it reduces the cost of finding and training new employees.

What is employee recognition?

Employee recognition is the process of acknowledging and appreciating an employee's contributions, efforts, and achievements in the workplace. It involves expressing gratitude and praise for their work, which can take various forms, including verbal appreciation, awards, incentives, team gifts, and tangible rewards.

Effective employee recognition programs are essential for boosting morale, motivation, and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to increased employee engagement and retention. Recognition can be formal or informal and should align with the organization's values and culture. 

What does “a culture of recognition” mean?

A culture of recognition at work is when everyone appreciates and celebrates each other's good work and efforts. It becomes the culture when the employees are bought into this value and practice it without being prompted. It's like saying "thank you" or giving a pat on the back when someone does something great. In a workplace with this kind of culture, people feel valued and happy, and it helps the whole team work better together. 

How can custom socks help me create a culture of recognition?

You can design your socks in bulk to create a formal reward system where great ideas and innovation is rewarded. In this reward system, the weekly or regular goals of the organization are reviewed. The employee who goes the extra mile to achieve these goals is then gifted custom socks with logo to encourage and appreciate them.

Employee providing feedback to boss

Act on insights from exit surveys

Creating exit surveys and forming actionable plans from the result of the survey is another way of increasing employee engagement and retention within an organization.

If you don't try to get feedback from your employees, you won't know if your engagement strategies are working.  

What is an exit survey?

An exit survey for an employee is like a questionnaire or a set of questions that workers answer when they leave a job. It asks about their experiences and why they are leaving. Companies use these surveys to understand why people are quitting and to make their workplace better.

In the survey, you may decide to ask them:

What they liked or didn't like about the job

What they think should be improved 

Ideas they think should be incorporated to help increase engagement

Why are exit surveys important?

You can use an engagement tracking survey to find out why some of your soon-to-be ex-employees are leaving the organization. From your findings, you will gain insights on how to improve the workplace.

Increased communication from top to bottom 

To increase employee engagement and retention, you need to improve internal communication among all your employees. Your employees need to feel like they can express their concerns, ask questions, and share ideas even if it is not their area of expertise.

Whether your employees work on-site or remotely, they need to feel like they can contribute to the organization at any time. As an employer, it is, therefore, your responsibility to promote positive, constructive, and timely communication from top to bottom.

You can do this by hosting weekly or quarterly stand-ups where employees can come and voice their opinions or concerns. A great way to increase participation is to offer small appreciation gifts to attendees. A great gift idea for employee appreciation for your employee gift boxes is custom dress socks.

Gift box with custom branded socks from Google, Slack, and Milken


Increasing employee engagement and retention using employees' gifts is a significant way to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and grow your business. Corporate gift boxes encourage employees to participate and engage with each other to achieve the company's goals.  

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David Harper
January 10, 2024