Katie Clifford, Director of Business Development at ATLA has a simple message: Sock Club makes custom sock design easy.
employee holding pair of ATLA custom socks

Why custom socks?

In the heart of Arkansas, ATLA supports trial lawyers, raising awareness about their work and moving the practice of law forward. As a non-profit, their team plays a vital role in safeguarding the safety of Arkansas families and consumer protections, and upholding citizens' access to the courts. 

For non-profits, challenges are inherent, and for ATLA, one constant is the pursuit of new members, retaining the existing ones, and amplifying their message. A creative approach to these challenges has led them to leverage donor swag, transforming it into meaningful donor appreciation gifts.

ATLA's choice to use custom socks as a donor gift idea speaks to a thoughtful strategy aimed at expressing gratitude and making their donors feel like true "Heroes for Justice." 

The decision was not arbitrary; it stemmed from the fact that their members love socks, making them the perfect business gift. The custom swag order from Sock Club was more than just a transaction; it was a partnership. The socks seamlessly integrated into ATLA’s nonprofit swag, becoming a unique and cherished way to thank their donors. 

Keep personalized swag simple

For those considering a similar approach, Katie Clifford, Director of Business Development at ATLA has a simple message: Sock Club makes it easy. The Sock Club team’s commitment to customer care and quality have solidified ATLA’s loyalty. Katie shares that the donor swag has become a tradition for their team, “We place at least one order a year - we love our socks!”

For fellow nonprofits seeking innovative ways to express donor appreciation, consider the avenue of custom socks. Step into a realm where nonprofit merchandise tells a story, and each step becomes a celebration of support. Connect with one of our designers today to bring your free design to life and have donor gifts in hand in no time!