Meryl Frick from Timehop says Sock Club is the best for quality, customer service, and fast delivery.
timehop custom socks

Founded in 2011, Timehop stands out as the exclusive app that allows users to cherish all their cherished memories each day. Pioneering the digital nostalgia category, the Timehop team remains at the forefront of reinventing reminiscing for the digital era. 

In the modern digital world, Timehop sees great potential in discovering fun ways to appreciate and share our digital history. Sock Club values this sentimental feeling because, just like Timehop, we know that the stories behind every pair of custom socks make memories and connections that are worth celebrating.

Timehop's industry is always changing, and to stay ahead, they focus on innovative ways to share memories. A study by Bain & Company found that 25% of people feel better about a business after getting a branded product. This lines up with Timehop picking Sock Club for their custom sock swag, and we're excited they had a good time with it.

A Nostalgic Journey in Every Step

Timehop said they picked Sock Club because it was easy to work together, and we helped them get the look they wanted for their promotional socks. Our speedy and dependable turnaround time proved how serious we are about making top-notch custom branded socks.

Timehop chose our top-notch custom socks, seamlessly blending them into their marketing plans. They even made the logo socks contest prizes last year, got great feedback, and decided to keep using them as incentives to boost brand awareness.

Meryl Frick from Timehop says Sock Club is the best for quality, customer service, and fast delivery. As their team looks ahead, we remain their go-to for future company sock orders. 

As Timehop continues to trust our team as their go-to for swag socks, we invite you to join the journey of creating memorable moments. Elevate your brand with the best custom socks that speak volumes. Ready to step into the spotlight? Upload your logo and kickstart the design process now!