“As a repeat customer, we can rely on Sock Club to deliver a quality customer experience and quality [branded socks] for our team, our customers and our partners,” said Tracy Smith, Director of Marketing at Tripshot.
Branded socks for TripShot being given away at a trade show, showing two  customers holding up custom socks they have received at a trade show booth

TripShot was founded in 2014. They integrate all facets of the mobility ecosystem into a single, seamless technology solution that’s capable of serving, connecting and optimizing all transit networks, public and private. This includes large company campuses, universities, public transit, hospital campuses and more.

Their nimble, scalable and easy-to-use solution is their biggest advantage over legacy systems, some of which predate the modern internet. TripShot has been providing their customers reliable fixed route and on-demand CAD/AVL and reporting tools for years. Their services have proven robust, and their integration of many features such as dashboards, payments, vehicle inspection, maintenance alerts, etc. have allowed them to adapt to a range of service types and use cases. They have strong references including some of the best-known companies, campuses and cities in the world.

TripShot avoids using proprietary hardware and operates in a secure cloud environment, allowing their customers greater cost savings and more innovation as they continue working with their customers’ unique transit systems.

Since they have a high quality software solution that is tailored to their customers’ ways of working, the TripShot team needs unique swag that aligns with those values to help reinforce their messaging.

Tracy Smith, Director of Marketing at Tripshot, has been ordering custom socks from Sock Club for years. “TripShot integrates custom-branded products into our marketing initiatives by aligning them through specific campaigns or gifts for employees, customers and partners,” said Smith. “We set out to delight the Sock Wearer with a gift that’s cohesively aligned with our brand.”

While Sock Club’s ease of ordering was originally the main reason that Smith originally started working with our team, the actual socks are why she keeps coming back.

“As a repeat customer, we can rely on Sock Club to deliver a quality customer experience and a quality end product for our team, our customers and our partners,” said Smith.

Smith said that the word-of-mouth response from prospects and customers alike has been consistently strong. “We're proud of the strong response we get from prospective customers and current customers through trade shows, conferences, email campaigns and other marketing tools,” said Smith.

When asked if she would recommend Sock Club to other marketing professionals looking for a high quality swag item, Smith said, “Sock Club is a company they can trust to work with them through the design process and to deliver a great product that will delight customers, employees and partners alike.”

We are so happy to be a small part of the huge success that the TripShot marketing team has had! To get your own branded swag started, click the link below or email us at