"The socks are playful, and our listeners and donors love the different designs we come up with each year."
WMPG custom socks

In Portland, Maine, WMPG brings the airwaves to life with diverse sounds, thanks to its dedicated team. This non-commercial radio station is on the lively campus of the University of Southern Maine. For fifty years, WMPG has been a strong force in local culture. They broadcast on 90.9FM and reach global audiences through wmpg.org and the WMPG app.

This year, as WMPG marks its 50th year on air, they thanked loyal donors with a special project. 97% of donors cite the impact of their gift as their main reason for giving. WMPG donors contribute because they believe in supporting the local radio station and fostering the close-knit community culture. Recognizing their dedication, these donors rightfully deserve special gifts like custom socks.

To show appreciation, WMPG created custom made socks that blend comfort, style, and a touch of radio magic. These unique custom socks reflect the radio station's personality and serve as a way to express gratitude to supporters of their mission.

In managing WMPG's radio waves, financial challenges are a concern. Relying on donations, grants, and business support is essential, considering limited resources. With only three paid staff members, the reliance on volunteers for crucial roles becomes paramount.

Limited resources extend to equipment and technical support, presenting an ongoing challenge in the ever-evolving world of technology. To express gratitude to donors without straining their budget, WMPG sought a unique way to thank them via nonprofit swag.

development director WMPG Anella Linton

Development Director of WMPG, Annella Linton

Annella Linton, WMPG's Development Director, shared, "My challenges in promoting our brand include creating good graphics, designs, and engaging on social media." Despite these obstacles, swag, especially the custom logo socks, has been a successful solution.

As Linton puts it, "Our listeners love our merch. The socks are playful, and our listeners and donors love the different designs we come up with each year." The branded socks keep feet and hearts warm, forming a special bond between WMPG and its close community.

When deciding where to order, WMPG was most influenced by Sock Club's commitment to delivering top-notch products. Annella also shared that the buying process was smooth – no tricky parts. She liked how simple the website was to use, having the option for design help, and the quick turnaround when ordering donor swag was definitely an added bonus. 

Annella Linton from WMPG suggests designing fundraising gift ideas with your audience in mind, tapping into Sock Club's in-house designers for a creative boost. Utilize the power of social media by sharing photos of people proudly wearing your custom products, creating an engaging visual narrative that resonates with your community. It's a winning formula for nonprofit swag that WMPG recommends for others looking to make a lasting impact.