Unchained Capital Helps Bitcoiners Create Valuable Conversations with Custom Socks

Unchained Capital Custom Socks for Bitcoin Events
Founded in 2016, Unchained Capital provides a range of financial services to long-term bitcoin holders. Products include collaborative custody vaults, a trading desk, bitcoin-backed loans, and bitcoin retirement accounts. All of their services use bitcoin multisig to maximize clients’ ownership over their bitcoin. Not your keys, not your coins.

Unchained Capital’s main challenge is education. Everyone is so used to the traditional financial system, but bitcoin operates very differently. Unchained helps people understand why they might want to have total control over their money, rather than trust banks and other institutions to look after it for them. Then they provide them the tools and guidance to achieve it.

Unchained Capital’s marketing team heard about Sock Club from an employee that had received Sock Club socks in the past. They said, “We love supporting local Austin companies, and on top of that Sock Club has an easy-to-use site and phenomenal customer service.” Unchained also said that the fact that Sock Club socks are manufactured in the USA was a huge selling point for them.

Unchained runs its own monthly meetups in Austin and Houston. Thanks to the consistent quality of content and attendees, they attract hundreds of bitcoiners not just from the area, but even from abroad. They also sponsor a number of high-profile conferences and hackathons. At these events, Unchained’s custom socks are always appreciated by attendees, and will often start some valuable conversations for their business development or hiring efforts.

When asked how they measure the ROI on their order they said, “We meticulously count the number of Twitter posts showing bitcoiners wearing the socks. Sorry, just kidding (although we do get a lot of those!). We simply love seeing people in the bitcoin community wear our gear. It’s a global but close-knit community, we see each other frequently at meetups and conferences, and we’re confident that our branded swag is a great way of spreading the word and generating good will. The socks are often a conversation starter and anyone wearing Unchained socks will typically be a big advocate of ours!”

Unchained Capital said that if others are considering utilizing Sock Club socks for events that it is worth it! It’s a usable item that people can continue to wear for years, unlike other promotional products typically used for events and conferences.

*Picture taken by Tom Whalen (@TomWhalen2)

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