Sock Club's Pride Lookbook

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Most Popular Custom Sock Use Cases

Sock Club's Employee Appreciation Lookbook

Employee Appreciation

Custom socks are the perfect solution for employee gifts because they're one-size-fits-most easy to ship, and can be used for any occasion.

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Sock Club's Event Swag Lookbook

Event Giveaway

Finding event giveaways doesn’t have to be difficult and wasteful. We can help you create high-quality unique and branded event swag that doesn’t end up in the trash. Custom socks are eco-friendly and will get used again and again by everyone!

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Sock Club's Special Occasions Lookbook

Special Occasions

Custom socks are fully customizable, from top to toe, so your company can make socks as specific to your holiday or special occasion as you can imagine.

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Sock Club's Company Store Lookbook

Company Stores

Custom socks are completely customizable from top to toe, so you can integrate them seamlessly (pun intended) into any and all of your company store campaigns. Even the header card can be printed with hashtags or QR codes to support your campaign messaging.

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Sock Club's Performance Swag Lookbook

Performance Swag

Golf tournaments, corporate retreats, company wellness programs, performance gear for employees who are on their feet all day - there are a million ways to get creative with swag for your needs!

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Sock Club's Custom Merch Lookbook

Custom Merch

Our high-quality custom socks and woven products are fully custom top to toe, which make them a perfect way to make a memorable keepsake that will make your customers and brand advocates proud to represent your brand no matter where they are.

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Breaking Down Our Lookbooks

Statistics about how these products can help achieve revenue goals.

We don’t make the cheapest socks in the industry, we make the best. And, these days, everyone is looking to make their marketing dollars stretch a little bit further. We have collected these statistics specific to each use case to show your team or clients how investing in Sock Club custom swag can not only impact their bottom line, but make them look like a hero.

Ideas for product combinations and use cases from the experts.

No one knows our socks better than we do. And, we have the experience of working with some of the best and brightest in the business who have made some really cool things happen using just our products. So, the sock experts at Sock Club put our heads together to come up with some of the most interesting and exciting ways that clients have used our socks and other products to think outside the box and make a splash.

Success stories.

93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product (Qualtrics). Moreover, 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. By providing real life experience from some of our happy customers, you can assure your team and clients that they are making a decision that will pay off.

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Samples of Past Work

Yes! We can ship on your account.

Yes! We can blind ship to your clients.

We believe that the best way to really get a sense of the quality of our work is to hold it and feel it. It is also the best way to see our vibrant yarn colors in person and match them to your client’s branding.

Custom Marketing Materials and Images

Yes! We will help you with marketing materials.

Yes! We can make custom pieces upon request.

Our lookbooks and hi-res images are created specifically around use-cases that are proven to convert. We have taken our best ideas and assets and made them available to you so that we can help do the selling for you!

Free Professional Design.

Yes! We offer design with no fees ever.

Yes! We have templates that you can use.

Whether you need designs for a closed order or just a pitch, our design team has got you covered. We’ll send you back a full custom deck of unique designs tailored to your client’s brand, industry, and use case in 24 hours.

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