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This is our friend Grady. Don't worry, his face won't be on your socks. You'll have the chance to upload a photo of a face or pet below!


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We offer a one size fits most option (Womens 6 - Mens 11). If you have questions, please reach out to as we are happy to help!

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Custom Dog Socks

Our custom socks with dog faces are the perfect unique personalized gift idea for anyone on your list! These personalized dog socks with faces are a gift that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Tips for Creating the Best Customized Dog Socks:

Choose a clear photo (no blurry photos).

Our designers are talented, but we can’t fix the clarity of a picture. If you upload a blurry photo for your dog face socks, your custom dog socks will come out blurry. Upload a sharply focused photo to create the highest quality print for your custom puppy socks. 

Choose a photo with one dog face (no group photos).

Even if your customized face socks gift is going to have multiple faces, we recommend uploading a different photo for each person/animal’s face. This ensures that you will get the clearest cut out for each face on your custom socks.

Choose a photo with a simple background.

Our designers are cutting these doggos out by hand! Photos with a simple background will help our designers get the most accurate crop on each person or pet’s face.

Dog Face Socks Frequently Asked Questions:

What size are your custom dog face socks?

Our Face Socks are an Adult One Size Fits Most. They fit anyone from a Women’s Size 6 – Men’s Size 11. Unfortunately, we do not offer personalized youth socks or personalized socks for larger adult feet at this time.

When will I receive my custom socks with my dogs face?

We have fast shipping which means our custom socks with dog face ship within just 10-15 business days from the time of your order. Need your gift sooner? Our customer service team can help! Email us at

This gives our in-house design team time to design your personalized dog socks. It gives our production team the time to make sure that the files are high quality and print ready. It also gives our production team time to make sure that your socks come out soft and pre-shrunk.

Where are your personalized socks with dog faces made?

Our socks with your dog’s face on them are made right here in the USA! We design dog face socks at our headquarters in Austin, Texas, and print and finish our socks with dogs face on them custom in North Carolina. We make personalized socks to order at our production facilities, so your custom picture socks ship to you from North Carolina.

Can I make custom dog socks with two faces?

Yes you can! When you’re looking to get your dog’s face on socks, you don’t want to have to choose between them. You can do a dog and a human or events cats and dogs. Our custom face socks are a great gift to make for a friend, fellow pet-lover, or even yourself.

Can I put a person’s face and a pet face on my face socks?

Absolutely! A personalized photo sock with a friend and their pets on socks is the perfect gift for the pet lovers on your list. 

Want a specific custom face sock, cat face sock, or other pet sock? We’ve got you covered. Just follow the link to see more background choices and icons.

Dog Face Socks

My Dog Face Socks Review:
The Best Gift for Pet Lovers Everywhere

Ainsley A.

Verified Buyer

I was looking for a unique gift for my friend who loves her dogs. She is always posting and showing photos of her dogs, so I wanted to include them in a gift. I wanted to surprise her, so I needed to be able to just grab photos from her Instagram to create something totally custom. Dog face socks were the perfect solution.

I chose Sock Club to make my custom dog socks because my work used them for branded socks and I found out they also do face socks. I liked that I could upload multiple faces for my customized dog socks. I also loved the fact that they were made in the USA because I knew that they would be a great quality gift.

The best gift for pet lovers

I started my dog face socks by choosing a different dog face from one of my friend’s Instagram photos. My friend loves taking photos of her dogs, so I could choose one of her two dogs, upload the photo, and send off my order to get the socks made.

After selecting the faces, I added notes to the designer to make sure that they got the derpy parts of their photos. This was the perfect way to incorporate a cute “smirk” on the dog’s face and to make sure that the dog face wasn’t too large or too small.

After I created my dog face socks, I received an email confirming that the order was received. I got another email with my tracking information once the order had shipped (about 11 days later).

It was a very fun experience creating this custom gift. I absolutely loved the personalized aspect of it. My dog lover friend loved her dog socks as well, so it was a great item to give as a gift.

What are dog face socks?

Dog face socks are just dog socks custom made with funny faces printed on them. One day I just decided to see what I could come up with. I literally just started on my laptop. I knew I needed to stick to a theme, so I chose dogs because that’s what my friend would like best.

I then did some searching for dog face socks, and that’s when I stumbled upon Sock Club. They were selling a wide selection of silly and custom-made dog socks, and they were even offering free shipping on all orders. I loved how quick their turnaround times were, so I ordered some puppy socks custom.

I couldn’t wait to get my pair of socks in the mail! I received it the day it was supposed to, and I was very impressed. I wasn’t sure that my custom socks would be good quality, but they turned out better than I could have imagined.

Your cost will depend on how many faces you want, how elaborate you want the socks to be, and how much customization you want. You can get really fancy and make your socks yourself if you have the time and patience, but I really wanted this to be a fun gift for Valentine’s Day so I opted for the more affordable option.

Who should buy them?

Dog lovers everywhere. There is always a new dog face photo to look at on Instagram, so why not share them? These socks would be a great gift for a friend who already has dog socks, or is wanting to buy them for someone else.

Your dog is bound to rip a pair of these out of the package in no time, but they are extremely durable. The best part is that they last so long because they are made with durable, high-quality, stretchy polyester.

Dog faces are one of the most unique designs available on the internet today. They are also one of the most popular. Dog face socks can be unique and personal for any person on your list. My dog is a basset hound, and I love the bandanas that she wears. So, I created these awesome dog face socks for my friend.

I created them as a gift for her to wear to the dog park when she takes her dogs there. She then took them to the dog park, and posted photos with her dogs while she was wearing the socks.



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