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Our Best Seller:
The Cotton Crew

Unisex, one-size-fits-most, casual or dress – our cotton crew custom sock is the perfect choice for any occasion.

Custom Dress Socks

Our custom dress socks, more commonly known as our “crew” socks, are our most requested style for a reason. They truly fit any occasion, and can be dressed up or down. With several pricing and minimum options, you are sure to find the branded sock you are looking for.

Why we love them:
  • Comfortable enough for everyday use, dressy enough to be worn with a suit
  • Options to fit every timeline and budget
  • Unisex and one-size-fits-most

Custom Athletic Socks

We have a custom athletic sock to fit any sport or team. From nylon knee high socks for soccer teams, to cotton ankle socks for 5k races and athletic events, we would love to help your team get the winning look. We also have youth styles in all of our fabric and length combinations – just ask!

Why we love them:
  • Versatile styles for every sport and team
  • Cushion and compression for a true performance sock
  • A full size range from Youth – Adult Large

Special Custom Sock Types

We are a sock company. That is why we not only make our most in-demand products, like branded dress socks and custom athletic socks for teams, but we also make those unique sock types, like baby socks with your logo on them, or custom wool socks. We would love to create something unique for your project!

Why we love them:
  • We can make SO MANY COOL SOCKS!
  • Baby socks and toddler socks are amazing gifts for employees who are new parents
  • Our custom wool socks can be make from a variety of wool socks

Custom Design Socks

At Sock Club, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to custom design socks. We make the process of designing and ordering your custom made socks easy and fun. Whether you want custom dress socks, custom athletic socks, or other special custom socks, we have you covered.

Custom Dress Socks

Our custom dress socks, also referred to commonly as “custom crew socks” are the most requested sock style in our product line for a reason. These socks are ideal for any occasion. You can dress them up or down to fit the environment or activity. We offer a number of different pricing options to help you find the perfect branded sock. Some important benefits of our custom dress socks include:
  • May be worn dressy with a suit or for comfortable everyday use
  • Options for every budget and timeline
  • Unisex socks – one size fits most people

Custom Athletic Socks

Our selection includes custom athletic socks to match the needs of any sport or team. We have the socks to give your team that winning look, including socks for baseball, soccer, softball, track events, 5k races, and more. We offer styles for the youth in all of our sock length and fabric combinations. Our customized athletic socks offer the following benefits:
  • High performance sock with compression and cushion
  • Styles available for every sport and team
  • Sizes range from youth to adult large

Special Custom Sock Types

Beyond the custom athletic socks and branded dress socks we offer, we also design and make other unique types of socks, such as custom wool socks and baby socks with your logo. Our custom wool socks are very cozy and warm. Our baby and toddler socks are ideal gifts for new parents. There is no limit to the unique, cool socks we can make. You can begin designing your customizable socks right here on our website. If you have any questions or need more information about custom design sock options, shop our online store or message us at

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