One Size Fits Most.
No, Really.

Socks are the great equalizer when it comes to a wearable item that fits most body shapes and sizes. We offer a full range of sizes to accommodate any order.

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One Size Fits Most custom sock

 One Size Fits Most

Women’s Shoe Size 6 - 13
Men’s Shoe Size 6 - 12

Adult Small

Women’s Shoe Size 4 - 6
Men’s Shoe Size 4 - 7

Adult Large

Women’s Shoe Size 13-16
Men’s Shoe Size 13-15


6 - 11 Years (Shoe Sizes 11-13)


2 - 5 Years (Shoe Sizes 7-10)


0 - 24 Months (Shoe Sizes 3-6)

We make custom socks easy.

Made in the USA.
10-day standard turnaround.
No rush fees for rush orders.
Free design.