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Why Sock Club?

Custom socks make sense for your organization. So why should you choose Sock Club as your custom sock partner?

Service is our brand.

We make this easy for you. We are truly your partner from start to finish. Whether you need someone to help convince your team that custom branded socks are a good idea, a complete deck of unique sock designs, or to ship your sock order to 99 locations in 17 different countries, we will get it done.

Your branding team will love us.

When you order from Sock Club, you are trusting us to represent your brand creatively and accurately. We respect that. Our team of textile designers research your brand to get a feel of what you are all about, and bring that to each sock design.

We are sock nerds.

It might not make for fun party conversation, but we are truly passionate about providing you high quality socks. Our obsession with detail combined with 250+ years of knitting
experience in our mills ensures that you will get a retail-quality product that you can be proud of.

“No” is a four-letter word.

We just want to make you awesome socks, and will stop and nothing to do it. We are constantly improving our process to meet your needs. Do you need your socks in 5 days? We can do it. Do you want a million units of a low-cost sock? We can do that too. Do you need someone to do individual fulfillment in custom packaging with personalized letters? WE. GOT. YOU. Just give us a call.

We make custom socks easy.

Made in the USA.
10-day standard turnaround.
No rush fees for rush orders.
Free design.