Adding A Personal Touch with Corporate Holiday Gifting

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024

Corporate holiday gifts are a thoughtful way to show appreciation for hard-working employees.​  

However, adding a personal touch is what will make a corporate holiday gift truly meaningful.​ Here are some tips on how to show appreciation to your employees in a way that will make them feel truly valued.​ 

Handwritten notes

Along with custom swag, sending a personal, handwritten note is a great way to express gratitude.​ A heartfelt thank you can go a long way to making someone feel appreciated and valued.​

Tailor gifts to interests and hobbies

You can also take the time to ask the employee about their hobbies and interests.​ Giving a gift that expresses their interests is a great way to show that you know and value them as an individual.​ 

Consider unique gifts they might not typically purchase, such as a course, a special item, or event tickets. It shows you value them beyond their job, and recognize their meaningful contributions.

Personalize items

Aim to give a gift that has a personal touch and speaks to the unique interests of employees.​ Personalized coffee mugs, coasters, or socks make great examples of gifts that companies can tailor specifically to employees. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either – small, thoughtful gifts with a personal touch are the most meaningful.​ 

Think about the employee's dedication throughout the year and reward them accordingly.​ Let your team know that you notice all their hard work with a thoughtful gift.​ If they've gone the extra mile, rewarding them for achievements is a great way to show gratitude.

Consider a collective gift 

It can be things like team gift ideas or food to help employees connect and bond. It might be something small like giving them a movie night with a exclusive projector and snacks.​ Offering even an hour or two for team building activities can make a huge difference.​ 

Let the holiday spirit take over you and your employees! Invest in festive holiday swag and plan games and competitions that get the whole office involved.​ A festive environment can bring the holiday spirit in everyone and create an atmosphere of bonding and joy.​ 

According to giftsenda, nearly 20% of companies spend over $1000 on client corporate gifts over the holidays. Why not extend the generosity to employees with a gift? They'll remember the gesture and it'll help encourage a positive company culture.

Reflect on employee accomplishments

Look back at the fantastic work employees have done and have a positive outlook towards the upcoming year.​ Remind them that the company values them and that this is only the beginning of the journey.​ 

Organize team events to understand goals and provide opportunities for a positive company direction in the coming year.

The Importance of Employee Recognition

In today's world, it's not just about money or physical gifts for employees. The thought and feeling behind a simple gesture, such as a handwritten note or an appreciative email, can have more impact than a gift.

In addition, providing opportunities for career growth is a great way to show appreciation to your employees.​ Take the time to review individual goals, create trainings to help them advance and recognize their successes.​ Internal recognition and rewards motivate staff and can further increase job satisfaction.​

Providing employees with flexible working hours, offering employer discounts, providing more efficient equipment and tools, and giving them the chance to attend professional events or conferences are all great examples of how you can make your employees feel appreciated.​ 

Showing Employee Appreciation

First and foremost, make sure that employees always feel valued and that their input is taken into account.​ Create opportunities for them to show their talent and be part of active conversations.​ Not only will they be more engaged but they will also be more invested in the success of the organization.​

Making changes in the workplace for employee comfort is also a powerful way to show appreciation.​ Consider investing in ergonomic furniture and equipment, creating free break areas, allowing pets in the workplace or providing snacks and custom swag for employees.​ 

Taking Employee Opinions into Account

Finally, show appreciation to your employees by making it a priority to give feedback and recognition.​ Take the time to listen to their suggestions, celebrate successes, and recognise the importance of their work and contribution.​ Doing so will provide an environment of trust and open communication, making it easier for employees to feel appreciated and increase job satisfaction.​ 

For corporate holiday gifts, make them innovative and thoughtful. Put personal touches on their gifts that show you understand their personality and interests.​ Throwing a festive party with activities for the whole team is a great way to foster goodwill and thank employees for their hard work.

Developing corporate gifts for employees strategies

Establishing the why

Ensure you're not just giving things away; find ways to genuinely appreciate all employees' contributions. Invest in small gestures to show you value their ideas and conversations.

Don't only give corporate Christmas gifts, but also surprise your employees with occasional gifts throughout the year. This could be anything from a surprise team lunch or a small gift.​ It will surely make them feel appreciated and it won’t have to be too expensive either.​ Even the smallest gesture will surely be appreciated.​ 

Give your employees time to relax during the frequently busy holiday season.​ Spending some quality time with each team member, having special activities or party nights with family or just spending time with each other can make a huge difference in the lives of your employees.​ 

Invest in employee well-being programs and activities to alleviate stress and show care. Provide incentives, discounts, and workshops on topics important to your employees to make them feel acknowledged and respected.

Determining the how and when

Finding new ways to show appreciation to your employees doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.​ Instead of waiting for a special occasion, think of ways to make your employees feel valued and appreciated every day.​ Remember that it’s the little, caring gestures that go a long way when it comes to employee appreciation.​ 

From giving away unique corporate holiday gifts to organizing meaningful activities such as yoga classes or professional development workshops to help employees grow, there are lots of creative ways to show appreciation to your employees.​ 

It’s also important to remember that appreciation should be a part of employee recognition all year round.​ Celebrate milestones, giving timely rewards to show employees their hard work is recognized and valued.

Express gratitude with Employee of the Month awards, team-building events, and personalized rewards to recognize individual achievements.

As a leader, it’s important to create a workplace culture of recognition and appreciation. Invest in team-building activities, provide meaningful rewards to show appreciation, and always express gratitude for hard work. Appreciated employees are not only more motivated and productive but also more likely to stay long-term.

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024