Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out with these 10 Event Swag Ideas

Mallory Haines
January 10, 2024

Playing Cards

Snag attention with a set of custom-printed playing cards that feature your business's logo and branding.​ Everyone loves a good game of cards, and giving away a set with your business info can be a great way to get customers in the door.​ Plus, they can take the set home and start bragging about their connection to your business.​


Be sure to think big when you're brainstorming for event giveaways.​ We love the idea of offering branded umbrellas - that way, your audience can always keep your company name top of mind, even when the sun is shining!

Make it Mini

But don't forget about the little things, too.​ Mini flashlights are another great conference swag idea that can remind your customers of your business when they need it most.​ And why not add a few other useful items, like keychains and lanyards, to make your booth stand out?


Make your trade show swag more memorable with custom-printed stickers.​ Not only can you use them to promote your business, but they'll also encourage your customers to stick around and check out your booth.​ Plus, they make up for a fun and colorful conference giveaway that everyone will love.​

Tech Accessories

When it comes to conference swag, don't be afraid to get creative! Think about offering something that your audience will really appreciate - like a charger set that they can use to keep their devices powered up.​ It's an unexpected (and useful) gift that will make your customers happy.​

Custom Socks

When it comes to making your trade show booth stand out, don't forget about the small stuff.​ Custom socks are always a popular trade show giveaway idea at events, so why not add a few of your own to the mix? They'll make for a great way to encourage customers to come by and see what you have to offer.​

You can have your logo displayed on the front, or go for something a bit more subtle - like a simple design.​ Either way, it's an easy way to show off your brand and get people interested in your business.​

Fitness Items

Finally, why not go for the hot new trend and offer up some wearable tech? You can give away fitness trackers, activity bands, or even wireless headphones - all of which are sure to get people's attention and spread the word about your business.​

From custom playing cards to tech-savvy accessories, these 10 unique giveaway ideas will have your trade show swag standing out in no time.​ So get creative, think outside the box, and you're sure to be the talk of the show.​

The Power of Promotional Merchandise

Giving away promotional items for trade shows can be an incredibly effective way of grabbing your audience’s attention and getting them through the door.​ 

According to Trade Show News Network, attendees spend an average of 8.3 hours visiting all the booths and displays at a trade show. With this in mind, you'll want to think about giving away something that your customers will actually remember and appreciate.

Don’t forget about the power of a good ole' classic: custom made socks.​ Not only will they keep your customers looking good, but they also serve as a walking billboard for your business.​ Plus, they're sure to be a hit, so don't be afraid to go big with your giveaways!

No matter what you choose to give away, consider adding something special that will add a unique touch to your booth.​ It's time to make a splash at your next trade show - and these 10 unique giveaway ideas can help.​ Think outside the box, be creative and get your customers through the door with something they won't soon forget.​ What will you choose to give away?

Mallory Haines
January 10, 2024