Custom Socks as Trade Show Giveaways

Does your company attend conferences, trade shows, or events? What swag giveaways are you giving prospects to take home and remember you by? If all you said was a business card, then let’s change that!

Unique and quality custom socks make the best conference swag, event gifts, and trade show giveaways (instead of being throwaways)! Branded socks get people excited and engaged- people will use them every day, they're easy to pack and ours are made in the USA! How many times have you gotten a t-shirt, pen, or USB drive? These promotional and customization items are dated.

Trade show giveaways are a necessary tool to master event marketing.

Trade show giveaway custom socks for Kano

Check Out These Products for Your Trade Show Giveaway Needs

Blue, yellow, and white cotton crew sock with logo

Item #1001

Cotton Crew

Minimum: 60 Pairs
Turn Time: 5 Days
Made in: USA
Made of: Cotton
Price: As low as $7.01/unit
Tan, black, and orange slippy with nature landscape design

Item #7003


Minimum: 120 Pairs
Turn Time: 10 Days
Made in: USA
Made of: Nylon
Price: As low as $4.17/unit
Black and red Tesla branded cotton quarter crew socks

Item #4901

Cotton Quarter Crew

Minimum: 60 Pairs
Turn Time: 5 Days
Made in: USA
Made of: Cotton
Price: As low as $6.86/unit
Black Mastercard socks with company logo

Item #100124

Choice Crew

Minimum: 500 Pairs
Turn Time: 30 Days
Made : Overseas
Made of: Cotton
Price: As low as $5.66/unit

Why Are Giveaways for Trade Shows Important?

Person who works for Mega at trade show booth smiling and holding custom branded socks

Why Are Branded Socks the Perfect Fit for Promotional Giveaways?

Person holding black and blue SXSW custom logo sock

Why Should You Choose Sock Club as Your Custom Sock Manufacturer?

Sock Club branded sock wall

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