Upping Your Brand's Visibility: Tips for Utilizing Corporate Giveaways

Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024

Branded giveaways not only boosts employee morale, but also increases long-term customer loyalty.​ In addition, corporate giveaways generate brand awareness through word-of-mouth, increase customer engagement, finally, attract new consumers.​ 

While these promotional activities can provide a great return on investment, knowing how to best utilize corporate giveaways can be tricky.​ Here are some guidelines to help business owners maximize the effectiveness of giveaways in order to upping their brand's visibility.​ 

Pick the promotional item

Firstly, it is important to determine the best item to give away.​ Finding a practical product that can be used for years to come (like custom made socks!) is ideal.​ 

For example, customers are likely to appreciate having a piece of branded clothing to wear every day or an item they can take to the office.​ Additionally, offering corporate swag such as branded socks or pens can be beneficial because customers may be more likely to use them on a regular basis.​ 

Research your audience

Secondly, businesses should strategically target their giveaways.​ When providing promotional items, it is essential to create a memorable impression on those receiving them by selecting items that suit the customer’s lifestyle.​ 

Researching customer groups can provide valuable insight on what type of giveaways may rate more highly than others.​ Additionally, giveaways should be tailored to the desired audience so that the brand is associated with them.​ 

Ensure proper branding

Making sure the giveaway is properly branded is a key step.​ Customers need to know the connection between the giveaway and the business providing it in order to generate the most benefits.​ After all, nine in 10 people recall the company’s name or logo on a promotional item they received.

Business owners should consider placing the brand’s logo and/or slogan prominently on the promotional item to make the connection clear.​ Additionally, it is important to keep branding consistent in color choice, typography, etc.​ in order to generate the biggest impact.​ 

Figure out distribution

Businesses should create an easy way to distribute the giveaways.​ Setting up a sponsored event or using an online service are two convenient options.​ 

Offering giveaways at events is perfect for targeting a local clientele and can help create positive associations with the brand.​ Utilizing a platform like social media is helpful for creating an instant connection with customers, while simultaneously offering transparency.​ 

Look into incentives

Additionally, maximize corporate giveaways by using incentives. This means offering items as part of a contest, sweepstake, challenge or reward.​ These incentivized giveaways can also inspire customers to repost content, which helps to increase brand awareness.​ Incentives can also be used to build customer loyalty such as offering special discounts or gifts for clients making repeat purchases.​ 

Determine quality

Sixthly, businesses should pay attention to the quality of the giveaway.​ Opting for a good quality item can be more frugal and beneficial in the long run.​ After all, your branded giveaways are a reflection of the company.

Offering a valuable item that customers can keep and use for a longer period will help maintain customer loyalty.​ Additionally, quality can be judged by factors like durability, attractiveness, functionality, multi-purpose uses, connection to the brand, and value for money.​

Tie it all together

Finally, businesses can utilize packaging to make an impression.​ Creative and visually appealing packaging will attract customers' attention and generate positive associations with the brand.​ Moreover, packaging can provide additional information about the brand, as well as space for branding.​ Utilizing this space to promote the business in subtle ways can be an effective way to achieve a strong recall for the company.​ 

Sock Club offers multiple packaging options, allowing the production of your branded giveaways to remain speedy and seamless.

In conclusion, when implemented correctly, corporate giveaways can be a valuable tool in upping a brand's visibility.​ With these guidelines, businesses can improve their giveaway effectiveness, deploy them strategically, and achieve a better return on investment.

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Kara Boatner
January 10, 2024