Event Marketing and Promotional Items

If you're an event planner, event marketer or experiential marketer you know that promotional products are a huge key to event success!

Event promotional items can be used to surprise and delight pre-event, for day-of-event giveaways, to create cohesiveness as staff gear, mailed as event swag for virtual gatherings, and to generate impressions in post-show social posts or earned media. People don't want another t-shirt, pen, or tote bag, but high-quality custom socks will be sure to capture their attention and take your event to the next level!

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Custom Crew Socks for Jeff Granito with a beach design sitting on a pile of sand with shells and drink umbrellas

Why Custom Socks for Event Marketing and Promotional Items?


Custom socks are a unique and eye-catching promotional item that can be easily spotted by people from a distance. When attendees wear your custom socks at an event, they serve as a walking billboard, displaying your brand's message to a large audience.


Custom socks are an affordable way to promote your brand at events. Unlike other promotional items that can be costly, custom socks are budget-friendly and can be ordered in bulk, making them ideal for large events.


Socks are a practical item that everyone needs, making custom socks a useful and functional promotional item that attendees will appreciate.


Custom socks are suitable for a wide range of events, from sports events to trade shows and conferences. They can be designed to fit any occasion, making them a versatile promotional item.


Unlike other promotional items that may be discarded after the event, custom socks are durable item that people can wear again and again. This means that your brand's message will be seen by others long after the event has ended.

Increased Brand Recognition

By distributing custom socks at events, you can increase your brand's recognition and awareness. Attendees who wear your custom socks will become walking ambassadors for your brand, increasing your visibility and exposure to new audiences.

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Client Spotlights

Learn How Companies Like Yours Have Used Custom Socks for Their Events and Marketing Promo Gear
custom socks on feet featuring an artist called gumbo gumbas with their logo as a lobster holding a saxophone

Grillo Music

Grillo Music, a company that offers live music performance, DJ services, and event consultation, used custom knitted socks as event marketing and promotional items to represent their store merchandise. They approached several companies but only Sock Club Custom Socks was able to reproduce their intricate artwork with high-quality production. The custom-designed socks featured their mascot, an illustration of a crustacean playing the saxophone, and had a relaxed look on his face. Sock Club's attention to detail in each stitch made Grillo Music's ideas come to life. The socks were a hit in the online e-commerce market and represented the company's emphasis on precision and accuracy. Lynn Grillo praised Sock Club for their superior products and excellent customer service.

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closeup of custom sock featuring a cute cartoon sloth

The Minot Lions Club

The Minot Lions Club, a service club focused on aiding the visually impaired and servicing communities around the world, used custom socks as event marketing and promotional items. Ashley, from the Minot Lions Club, wanted a product that would bring joy, show creativity, and represent their company at their upcoming event. Sock Club was able to turn Ashley's sock design ideas into reality with frequent communication, fast turnaround times, and excellent quality. Custom socks played a part in expressing creativity and providing branded company swag.

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Waterloo Records

Waterloo Records, an iconic music hub in Austin, Texas, was in search of custom swag for their customers and bands that played at the shop. Custom socks from Sock Club became the perfect fit. Being a creative commodity in the music industry, the company swag had to be innovative and upbeat. Edmund from Waterloo Records praised Sock Club for being easy to work with, from design to restock orders. Since their first encounter, they have collaborated on several sock projects. The custom socks created a lasting impression and engaged fans in the music industry.

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Why Sock Club?

We Make Custom Socks Fast and Easy and Here's Why:

Quick Turn Times

We get you fully custom, fully woven socks in only 5 days. We never charge rush fees, so we can probably beat that for free - just ask!

Lowest Minimums

Our 60 pair minimum for fully knitted custom socks is one of the lowest in the industry.

Made Locally

Our Flagship socks are 100% made in the USA, from the cotton that the yarn is made from to the boxes that they ship in.

No Hidden Fees

No setups, no rush fees, no design fees. Our pricing is easy and transparent, and you always get the best price.

Kitting and fulfillment

We’ve got in-house kitting and fulfillment services to take care of your client’s entire order from start to finish in just one PO.


You've got options: Whether you need socks in 5 days or socks for 5 dollars, we’ve got a sock for that. Any length, no show to knee high, full size range, Baby to Adult Large.
2 glass bottles with custom woven koozie called slippies featuring the tmobile logo for event promotion

Fast Facts About Event Marketing and Promo Swag

of attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit if they’re offering some kind of giveaway or freebie!
of consumers say the quality of a promotional item impacts brand reputation.
or more recipients of promotional products will look the brand up online later.
of product recipients did business with the advertiser who gave them the item.

Sock Club Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our custom sock design process? Or how to use custom socks for Donor Gifts? Look no further! We've got all the information you need to know right here, from designing your own socks to buying them in bulk.
What are custom socks for event promotion?
Custom sports team socks are socks that are designed specifically for a particular sports team, often with the team's colors, logo, and other customized features. These socks are typically worn as part of the team's uniform during games and practices and can help to improve the team's overall performance and appearance.
What materials are commonly used to make sports team socks?
Sports team socks are typically made from a combination of materials, including synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and spandex, as well as natural fibers such as cotton and wool. These materials are chosen for their durability, moisture-wicking properties, and ability to provide comfort and support during physical activity.
What are the benefits of using custom sports team socks?
Custom sports team socks offer a number of benefits, including improved team morale and identity, enhanced performance and comfort, and increased visibility and recognition for the team. They can also be used as a marketing tool to promote the team and attract new fans and supporters.
Can I customize the design of my sports team socks?
Yes, you can customize the full design and color of your socks. As sock design manufacturers, we have an entire design team at your disposal to help create custom socks that fit your team’s branding perfectly.
What are the minimum order quantities for custom sports team socks?
At Sock Club, we have a low minimum order quantity of only 30 pairs for our most popular custom socks, Cotton Crew: Flagship and Cotton Athletic Crew. All of our other Made in USA custom socks have a low minimum of only 60 pairs. We do have overseas options to save on cost that have a higher minimum order quantity, like Cotton Crew: Choice and Cotton Crew: Economy.
How do I place an order for custom sports team socks?
We make it simple and fast for you to get the high-quality socks your team deserves. Our 3-step process is designed with you in mind. First, send us your team's logo or design. You can upload it to our easy online ordering system or email it directly to us at custom@sockclub.com, and we'll take care of the rest. Second, our in-house design team will create a few unique designs for your custom socks. You'll be able to view them in your account and pick the one that best fits your team's brand and style. Finally, you'll receive your custom socks in no time! Our checkout process is quick and easy. You can add your branded socks to your cart and check out, and we'll ship them directly to you.
What is the minimum order quantity for custom socks?
At Sock Club, we have a low minimum order quantity of only 30 pairs for our most popular custom socks, Cotton Crew: Flagship and Cotton Athletic Crew. All of our other Made in USA custom socks have a low minimum of only 60 pairs. We have overseas options to save on cost with a higher minimum order quantity, like Cotton Crew: Choice and Cotton Crew: Economy.
Can I request a sample of my custom sports team socks before placing a large order?
Absolutely! We can produce a sample of your design before you order for $175, which is credited to your final order when you place it. If you do not want to pay for a pre-production sample, we can send you a sample of our past work so that you can see yarn colors in person and feel the quality of the socks with logo.

Custom Socks are Trending and Memorable

Fads come and go but novelty socks are in style and trending! Not only are crazy custom socks a new fashion statement, but they're also conversation starters. People are always super excited to get custom socks from their favorite concert, festival, party, or wedding. Then on top of that they also carry that memory and feeling with them whenever they wear their custom socks! They get a chance to revisit their experience when inevitably it strikes up a conversation!

Our free professional custom sock design services is here to bring the socks of your dreams to life! They're experts at incorporating logos into cool designs to make sure your event giveaways brings people right back to the moment. Send us your logo or thoughts to let Sock Club bring your best event swag ideas to life!
Hands holding custom socks for SXSW with custom header cards on a black background with a camera in the background
custom socks for wedding with full outfit laid out including socks, watch, cologne

Custom Socks are Event Giveaways People Will Actually Keep and Use

Unlike keychains, water bottles, or tote bags, you can never have enough socks. That's why they are incredibly useful event giveaways that won't end up in the trash, especially when you're gifting high quality custom socks. Your event swag is a reflection of your event and is meant to bring people back to their amazing experience and memory, so it's important to invest in event swag ideas people will use and keep!

That's why we specialize in creating custom knitted socks made out of the highest quality cotton sourced and manufactured in the USA by our custom sock manufacturer facilities. From custom wedding socks to branded merchandise for major festivals, we've figured out what people get really excited about when it comes to receiving custom socks as event giveaways. Learn more about our best-selling options and see what's right for you!

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