Top 5 Best Trade Show Giveaways That Will Wow Your Audience

Kara Boatner
January 11, 2024

Trade shows are an incredible opportunity to build relationships with customers and peers.​ 

Having the right giveaway can be just the thing you need to make your trade show booth stand out.​ Trade show giveaways provide exciting opportunities to captivate your audiences and allow them to take home a reminder of your business. Giveaways have a conversion rate of nearly 34%, meaning they’re a must for trade show booth success. 

Which giveaway should you choose? We’ve rounded up the top five best trade show giveaways that will wow your audience! 

Custom swag

Giveaways that evoke emotion or feel personal are ideal at trade shows.​ Customized products like pens or socks with your company name and logo are great for giving out.​ 

Everyone loves freebies, and when it feels personalized it feels all the more special.​ But don’t just hand out a product, make sure you attach your brand story to it.​ Put thought into what you give so that it stands out and speaks to your customer.​

Sweet treats

Quick giveaways like candy and snacks make people feel happy and appreciated.​ When a person sees something small like candy as a giveaway, they’re likely to go out of their way to come to your booth.​ Anything small will draw attention and be a memorable gesture to your consumers.​

Another great giveaway are water bottles.​ As long as people are constantly on the go they will need a bottle of water for hydration.​ A branded water bottle serves your brand with purpose and provides function for everyone passing by.​

Tech gadgets

Electronic items are always crowd pleasers, whether they come in the form of USBs, Bluetooth speakers or LED light-up cubes.​ A branded electronic item is sure to make its way home with potential customers.​ Pick something practical and useful for all your customers so it completely sets you apart from the competition.​

When you choose to give out items that represent your company, they become a regular part of people’s lives.​ Your logo serves as a reminder of your brand and products.​ It gets people familiar with your company and your brand story.​

If you have something to offer of higher value it is likely to have a more impressive impact.​ Expensive giveaways such as headphones, smartphones or even tablets.​ When people walk away with something fun, functional and high value they will be that much more likely to remember your brand.​

Ensuring trade show success

Immersive experiences

Showcase your brand’s innovative side through virtual or augmented reality.​ You can capture more eyes and create win-win moments for both the participant and the company.​ 

Provide people a hands-on experience with something tangible, such as custom socks.​ These items carry a memory of your brand and customers would actually use them in everyday life.​

Invest in unique trade show giveaways

Creative items surprise your customers and show your credibility as an innovator.​ When customers leave your booth with swag they didn’t expect it will leave them with a good impression of your company.​ This also keeps your company’s products alive in your customer’s minds as they use their giveaways.​

People will cherish souvenirs from trade shows forever. They will serve as a reminder of the time your customers spent at the event.​ Provide something special that reflects your company and its message.​ This can be anything from keychains to notebooks to plushies.​ 

If your company offers any resourceful tools or products, these can be great giveaways too.​ People will benefit from using those and they will think of your brand each time they use those tools.​ 

Let customers sign up at your booth for a chance to win a bigger prize.​ This is a great way to build your database for potential customers.​ A grand prize also encourages more people to interact with your brand.​

Consider costs & usability

No matter what tradeshow giveaways you choose to go with, the key is to get something tangible that attendees can use regularly in their everyday life.​ The trade show promotional items will be the first thing customers remember about your company, so you want to make sure it’s exceptional. Ask yourself what will benefit your customers and make sure to invest in the quality of your giveaways.​ By giving out the right giveaways, you’ll surely be able to wow your audience!

Kara Boatner
January 11, 2024